Opossums eat carrion, insects, frogs, birds and fruits.



Their unspecialized biology, flexible diet, and reproductive habits make them ... The word "opossum" is borrowed from the Virginia Algonquian (Powhatan) ...

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Frequently the victim of cars and wild animals, the opossum lives throughout the United States and Canada. Understanding the diet of an opossum can help ...

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Correct opossum diet is essential for raising releasable orphans and maintaining health in captive adults.

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Adult males are larger than the females. They are about the size of a cat. The Virginia Opossum is the only one that is capable of putting on large stores of fat.

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Nov 14, 2012 ... John Smith coined the word opossum from the word "opassum," the ... Since their diet allows them to indulge on snails, slugs and beetles, they ...

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Opossum Facts: Habitat and Diet. HABITAT: North America; Forest, farmland, grassland, urban and suburban areas, near water; Undefended territory from 30 to ...

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What to know about Possums, Diet, Habitat, Interesting Facts, Evidence of Intrusion.

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See photo of opossum fed a diet consisting of only hot dogs and the resulting facial deformities. Unfortunately, this opossum responded to initial treatment and  ...

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Identification. An opossum (Didelphis virginiana) is a whitish or grayish mammal about the size of a house cat (Fig. 1). Underfur is dense with sparse guard hairs.

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Q: What are an opossum diet?
A: I think they eat bugs,maybe birds, and probaly some sort of vegetables. Read More »
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Q: What is an opossums diet consist of?
A: An Opossum's diet consists of green and yellow vegetables, grass, fruit, Read More »
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Q: Diet of Opossums.
A: Plants. Opossums will eat all types of vegetables, fruits and berries. Grasses and leaves have also been found in the digestive systems of these mammals. Animal... Read More »
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Q: What does the diet of a opossum consist of?
A: The American opossum is omnivorous. 1/2 of the diet consists of small Read More »
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Q: Opossum with signs of MBD... diet questions.?
A: i know this might not help, but i have a tegu and they develope MBD if they dont have the right type of lighting to digest calcium right.. maybe if you take her... Read More »
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