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An elf (plural: elves) is a type of supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore. Reconstructing the early concept of an elf depends almost entirely on ...

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Sep 16, 2013 ... Elves have been a popular subject in fiction for centuries, and there are several ... Spaceflight Is Entering a New Golden Age, Says Blue Origin ...

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An elf (Old Norse álfr, Old English ælf, Old High German alb, Proto-Germanic * albaz) is a certain kind of demigod-like being in the pre-Christian mythology and  ...

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Fascinating history of the elves - from pagan times to the modern era. The story behind their mysterious origin.

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Elves are creatures of Norse mythology. The elves were originally imagined as a race of minor nature and fertility gods, who are often pictured as ...

Origin of Underground People


These unwashed children became forthwith invisible, and took up their abode in mounds, and hills, and rocks. From these are the elves descended, but we men ...

Abzu: Origin of Elves, Orcs, and Humans - YouTube


Sep 8, 2014 ... Discussing the Abzu, my conceptual progenitor race for elves, orcs, and humans. My video on High Elves: http://youtu.be/i-46msztCHA Website: ...

The Geneaology of the Vanir and Elves - Germanic Mythology


Whence came the Vanir and the Elves? Germanic Mythology knows three divine races: the Aesir, the Vanir and the Alfar (or elves). The origins of the Vanir and ...

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Origins, Firstborn of the Children of Ilúvatar ... The Elves (Eldar) were the first of the races of the Children of Ilúvatar, known also as the Firstborn ... 2 Life and Customs of the Elves; 3 Arts, Crafts, Powers and Magic; 4 Languages; 5 Inspiration.

Elves, Part One: The Origins of Elves | Amanda Rudd's Blog


Mar 9, 2011 ... And so, without further ado, The Origins of Elves in Norse Mythology: Frey, Lord of the Light Elves - image from wikipedia. Elves are first and ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Who is the author of the original 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' ?
A: "The Elves and the Shoemaker" by The Brothers Grimm is a tale of 2 elves who labor at night to save the day for a poor but kindly shoemaker and his wife Read More »
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Q: What are the origins of elves in literature before Tolkien?
A: Tolkien invented elves, and popularized the concept. 'nuff said. brian eng is wronggggg! why would you trust wikianswers over me??? Read More »
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Q: What is the origin of the 'Elves'?
A: Elves derive from Norse mythology. In fact the words "elf" and "elves" are originally Old Norse "álf" and "álfar. Read More »
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Q: What is the origin of the surname 'Elving'?
A: As tempting as it may be to link the name to the mythical elves or elfs, the name is more likely derived from "elver." An elver is a young eel about 2 years old... Read More »
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Q: How amusing is it that the northern hemisphere didn't accept the ...
A: That is an excellent point. Some of the ELVs are great like the 5 metre at scrums and can't pass the ball back into quarter. Don't like the ideal that it is leg... Read More »
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