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In chemistry, soap is a salt of a fatty acid. Consumers mainly use soaps as surfactants for ... 2 History of soaps. 2.1 Early history; 2.2 Ancient Roman era; 2.3 Ancient China; 2.4 Middle East; 2.5 ...

Soap History - All About History of Soap Making


People have been producing soap for almost 5000 years. The earliest recorded evidence of soap was dated as early as 2800 B.C. in Ancient Babylon.

The History of Soap - Today I Found Out


Mar 19, 2013 ... Today I found out that for something that's supposed to be clean and pure, soap has a murky past. No one knows for sure when soap was first ...

The History of Soapmaking - OpenLearn - Open University


How soap came to be discovered is unclear, but we know that the Sumerians were using soap solutions by 3000 BC.

History & Future - How was soap invented?


Soap is being used widely almost by every person in every part of the world. Have you ever wondered how was the soap invented? Do you know how the soap ...

A Short History of Soap - Napa Soap Company


A Short History of Soap. soap_bubbles.jpg Although the ingredients used to make soap have changed over the years, the chemical process which creates soap ...

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Sep 10, 2013 ... Whether you prefer it solid or liquid, soap is one of the oldest tools for personal hygiene. Ever wondered who was the first to use this aromatic ...

History and making of homemade soap with used olive oil.


HISTORY AND MAKING OF HOMEMADE SOAP WITH USED OLIVE OIL. Soap is an ancient product, as old as man's need to clean himself. Soaps do not only ...

Ginger Bar™ | Origins


soaps Ginger Bar™. Ginger Bar™ ... Rinses easily and leaves skin soap- free. Ingredients ingredients: .... New to Origins.com? Join our email list and get ...

Salt Rub Soap - Origins


Salt Rub Soap. soaps Let's Circulate™. Let's Circulate™. Recommended. Let's Circulate™. Salt Rub Soap .... New to Origins.com? Join our email list and ...

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The Origin of Soap - Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve


The Origin of Soap. Herbal Mist Soap. Although no one really knows when soap was discovered, there are various legends surrounding it's beginning.

Soaps & Detergent: History | Clean Living | American Cleaning ...


History of Soap and Detergent from Prehistoric Ages through the Middle Ages.

Colonial Soap Making. Its History and Techniques | SPADET


Soap's desirability and procurement wrote its own pages in the history of early America. The soap, in use during the years when the United States was a colony  ...