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North American river otter


Habitat[edit]. A river otter in the San Anselmo Creek. Although commonly called a "river otter", the North American river otter is found in a ...

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Who What Where How River otters can be found all across the United States except for in the desert and the Florida Keys. They live in both freshwater and ...

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The North American River Otter is the only river otter found north of Mexico. Its luscious pelt, which ... River otters live in all types of habitats. The only consistency ...

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These otters' range has been greatly reduced by habitat loss, though they exist in such numbers that they are trapped in some locales. Otters are also very ...

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Otter Habitat. Otters can flourish anywhere there are fish. At first glance the photo of those three otters in the snow seems to disprove that. That was a cold day ...

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Lifespan: Sea otters can live up to 25 years of age, although the average lifespan is 10 to 12 years. ... Habitat: Sea otters are coastal, shallow water dwellers.

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Sea Otters have very distinct habitats. The sea otters usually live near the shore waters of the North Pacific, from Japan, north to the coast of the Kamchatka ...

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Otters. Habitat & Distribution. Distribution. Otters are widely distributed. They are found on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. North America.

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The inquisitive, playful otter is one of Britain's best known and loved wild animals. ... Habitats. Otters live very near to or in undisturbed waters where there is ...

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The two types of otters -- sea otters and North American river otters -- have very different habitats and locations. River otters are found in noncoastal water areas  ...

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Otters are found on every single continent in the world except for Australia and Antarctica.

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Includes information about the life span, habitat, size, and diet of the sea otter.

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Otter Description: These playful mammals are well adapted for semi-aquatic ... Habitat: They can thrive in any water habitat, such as ponds, marshes, lakes, ...