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An automotive battery is a rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile. ... Car batteries became widely used around 1920 as cars became equipped with electric starters. The s...

What happens when you overcharge a car battery? | Reference.com


When a car battery is overcharged, the most common effect is the battery rapidly dying, however, a battery that swells and becomes hot to the touch is also a ...

What Happens When You Overcharge a Car Battery? | eHow


While a few variables may be involved with overcharging a car battery, the results are simple to check. A battery can quite simply die from being overcharged.

Can you overcharge a car battery? - Quora


Aug 29, 2015 ... Yes, you can. It'll outgas excessively (Hydrogen) which will reduce charging capacity, get hot & eventually, the plates will warp & you'll wreck it.

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Oct 19, 2010 ... A 12 Volts SLA battery whistling like a kettle, when subjected to 18 Volts 80 Amp A.C. charging current.

When and How to Use a Trickle Charger - CarsDirect


Feb 28, 2012 ... A trickle charger is a car battery charger designed to be left on a car for a ... and prevent overcharging, charging your vehicle's battery at a rate ...

Overcharged Lead-Acid battery - what to do? | V is for Voltage ...


I thought it could be used for electric cattle fences, car starting, lighting, .... When a lead-acid battery is severely overcharged, the electrolyte ...

Alternator Repair,bad alternator,diagnose symptoms repair problem


Older Vehicle Regulators How long can a car run with a bad alternator? ... An overcharging alternator can "boil a battery dry", so if your battery gets low on ...

battery causing alt overcharging? - Car Forums and Automotive Chat ...


Nov 7, 2010 ... So, as he is a good mechanic, diagnosed it saying that the alternator is overcharging the battery causing the bubling and associated oddities.

Can an car alternator put out too much power and ruin a battery ...


Perhaps the most common external causes of premature car battery failure are ( long term) undercharging and overcharging. I wouldn't use the ...

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What are some signs of an overcharged car battery? | Reference.com


Signs of an overcharged car battery include loss of water, battery failure or a hydrogen explosion. In vehicles equipped with an onboard computer, the ...

What are some signs your car battery is over charging? - Quora


An odor that resembles rotten eggs, a hissing noise coming from the battery or a battery that is hot to the touch or bulging in shape are all signs of an issue with ...

diagnose faulty voltage regulator causing battery overcharging?


Apr 27, 2014 ... The alternator died (at least that is what I thought) as the battery kept going ... all the power the car needs as well as keep the battery charged.