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Palm Tree
Kingdom: Plantae Division: Magnoliophyta Class: Liliopsida
Order: Arecales Family: Arecaceae
Palms are evergreen, mostly tropical plants in the family Palmae (also known as Arecaceae). There are over 2500 species of palms. Most are tree-like, with single trunks and either fan... More »


The Palm Identifier. Identify palm trees and palm tree types with a few simple clicks. Advanced methods for palm tree identification.


Here is a photo gallery of most popular palm trees in the world. Under each picture you will find common and botanical names of the palm.


Feb 15, 2009 ... Here are some illustrations of different types of palm trees from various habitats around the world, there are thirty individual palm tree pictures in ...


Sometimes making an accurate palm tree identification can be challenging and confusing. I'll break down all the different characteristics to guide you.


Feb 4, 2017 ... Learn how to identify species of palm trees can be very useful when deciding which species to plant in your area. By studying the ...


How to Identify Palm Trees. Palm trees are so named because many of them feature fan-shaped, or palmate, fronds. There are over 2600 species of palm trees, ...


Welcome to the Urban Tree Key, a resource for identifying the 250 most ... What kind of leaves does the tree have? Palm fronds. Palm-like, sword-shaped fronds  ...


Palms have a presence all their own and are the perfect plants for poolside ... The cabbage palm (Sabal palmetto) is a dwarf tree from to the coastal areas of the ...


Peach Palm is an important crop in many tropical countries, cultivated for both the edible fruit (cooked to make a starchy snack) and the palm heart which has the ...