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Pancreatic lipase family


Triglyceride lipases (EC are a family of lipolytic enzymes that hydrolyse ester linkages of triglycerides. Lipases are widely distributed in animals, plants ...

Pancreatic lipase (IPR002331) < InterPro < EMBL-EBI


Pancreatic lipase (triacylglycerol acylhydrolase, EC: plays a key role in dietary fat absorption by hydrolysing dietary long chain triacyl-glycerol to free fatty  ...

Structure and function of pancreatic lipase and colipase. - NCBI


Annu Rev Nutr. 1997;17:141-58. Structure and function of pancreatic lipase and colipase. Lowe ME(1). Author information: (1)Washington University School of ...

Lipase Test and Results for Pancreas Problems - WebMD


Sep 9, 2014 ... A lipase test measures the amount of this enzyme in a blood sample. High amounts of lipase may be found in the blood when the pancreas ...

Hyperlipasemia (High Blood Lipase Level) - Managing Side Effects ...


Hyperlipasemia may be described as an excess of the pancreatic enzyme, lipase , in the blood. High levels may indicate a problem related to your pancreas.

Lipase: The Test | Lipase Test: LPS | Lab Tests Online


Feb 24, 2015 ... The blood test for lipase is used to diagnose and monitor acute pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, and Crohn disease. A high lipase ...

Amylase and Lipase Tests - Healthline


Oct 5, 2015 ... Amylase helps your body break down starch. Lipase helps your body digest fats. The pancreas, an organ that sits behind the stomach, ...

Structure of human pancreatic lipase - Nature


Structure of human pancreatic lipase. F. K. Winkler, A. D'Arcy & W. Hunziker. Central Research Units, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland.

PNLIP - Pancreatic triacylglycerol lipase precursor - Homo sapiens ...


extracellular region, triglyceride lipase activity, lipid digestion, positive regulation of triglyceride lipase activity, retinoid metabolic process.

The interaction between pancreatic lipase and colipase: a protein ...


Pancreatic lipase readily adsorbs to a triglyceride droplet. In the intestine the triglyceride droplets are covered with bile salt and phospholipids which will prevent ...

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What is Pancreatic Lipase? (with pictures)


Pancreatic lipase is a water-soluble enzyme secreted by the pancreas. Used in digestion, pancreatic lipase also plays a role in...

PNLIP pancreatic lipase [ (human)] - NCBI


Aug 8, 2016 ... This gene encodes a member of the lipase family of proteins. The encoded enzyme is secreted by the pancreas and hydrolyzes triglycerides in ...

The triglyceride lipases of the pancreas


Oct 1, 2002 ... Pancreatic triglyceride lipase (PTL) and its protein cofactor, colipase, are required for efficient dietary triglyceride digestion. In addition to PTL, ...