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How can I find out an inmate's parole release date? | Reference.com


All release dates for paroled inmates are made available to the public through the VINE network. Contacting the correctional facility where the inmate is being ...

The Parole Process in Georgia | State Board of Pardons and Paroles


The Board may reconsider and change a prior decision in a case, for any reason, at any time, up to the date of release. Georgia inmates (who are eligible for ...

Latest Release Date / Type - NYS Department of Corrections and ...


For released inmates, this is the facility from which he or she was released and is .... Parole Eligibility Date; Parole Hearing Date; Open Date for Parole Release ...

Offender Information - Requests by Telephone


Offender parole release status line (after being voted by the BPP to be released) - Parole Division status line in Austin ... Must have TDCJ or SID# or date of birth.

KY Parole Board website - Justice & Public Safety Cabinet - Kentucky


How long after an inmate is ... parole eligibility date, the ...

Offender Information - Texas Department of Criminal Justice


General Offender Information Only (location/offenses/projected release date). Online Offender ... Parole Problems & Questions Only. Parole problems and ...

Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles Home Page


The Board uses research-based Parole Guidelines to assess each offender's likelihood for a ... or use other alternatives to revoking parole and sending the offender back to prison. ... Statement on parole release of civilly committed offenders.

How Parole Works in Georgia - Atlanta, Georgia Post-Conviction ...


In Georgia, State and county inmates may be granted parole only by the State .... FOR AN EARLIER RELEASE DATE IN THOSE PRE-2006 CASES WHERE, AS ...

CORRECTIONS - Parole - The Parole Process - State of Michigan


Normally, the prisoner first comes to the attention of the Parole Board as he/she ... The date of parole eligibility is often called the Earliest Release Date (ERD).

CORRECTIONS - Prisoner Release Date Information


The Parole Board obtains jurisdiction on the case after the prisoner has served the minimum sentence, which occurs at the earliest release date. The Parole ...

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Inmate TPM Lookup | State Board of Pardons and Paroles


A Tentative Parole Month or TPM represents when the Board will complete a final review of the offender's case and, if appropriate, set a parole release date.

Frequently Asked Questions | USPC | Department of Justice


Sep 29, 2015 ... Will an offender be given a hearing just before the "two-thirds" date? ..... If the prisoner is denied parole, he or she will be released at a date ...

Parole Hearings | USPC | Department of Justice


Sep 11, 2015 ... In some cases the inmate may receive a hearing before reaching the parole eligibility date, but in no case may an inmate be released to parole ...