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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves
Order: Psittaciformes Family: Genus:
There are 358 species of parrot, which include cockatoos, lovebirds, lorikeets and budgerigars. They are distributed through the tropical and subtropical regions of both hemispheres, but the largest number of species occur in Australia and the Amazon.
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Though these birds (Cypselomorphae) are a phylogenetically challenging group, they seem at least closer to the parrot ancestors than, for example, the modern ...

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National Geographic Magazine · National Geographic Kids · National ... Fast Facts. Type: Bird; Diet: Omnivore; Average life span in the wild: Up to 80 years ... The male African gray parrot (Psittacus erithacus) is the most accomplished user of ...

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Jul 24, 2014 ... Parrot Facts: Habits, Habitat & Species .... a dispatcher, substitute teacher, artist, janitor, children's book author, pizza maker, event coordinator ...

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Parrot is a type of colorful bird. There are 372 species of parrots that mostly inhabit tropical and subtropical areas of South and Central America, Asia, Africa,  ...

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A parrot's beak grows continuously and is worn down by eating, chewing wood, and by grinding the top and bottom parts against each other. Interesting Facts ...

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Easy Science for Kids Parrots - Over 350 Types - learn fun facts about animals, the human body, our planet and much ... It is illegal to keep a wild parrot as a pet.

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Feb 18, 2013 ... This post is all about parrots for kids and a lot more. There are roughly 372 ... All About Parrots. Parrots, Parrot—DeusXFlorida (Flickr.com).

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