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A mushroom (or toadstool) is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically .... such as truffles, jellies, earthstars, and bird's nests, usually do not have stalks, and a specialized mycological vocabulary exists to describe their parts.


The mushroom is composed of an underground part (mycelium) and an aboveground, often edible part that is also the reproductive organ. structure of a ...


A mushroom has two parts. The part underground is called the mycelium. It gets food for the mushroom. Sometimes it dies quickly, but if it gets enough food it ...


mushroom has tissues that carry out different functions and a genetically-defined ... Parts of a Fungus correctly labelled stem or stipe mycelium volva ring gills.


Learn about the different parts of mushrooms and toadstools. Full Screen. Click on part of. the mushroom to. start exploring! The. Structure. of a. Mushroom. Next.


Previous. What is a mushroom? A mushroom consists of many parts. Starting from top to bottom, here are the different pieces that comprise the mushroom.


Scale: small, hard plate that covers and protects the mushroom. Tubes: duct. Pores: small holes. Stipe, stalk: part of the mushroom between the cap and the soil.


Offering Mushrooms, in several forms and type. See our page for definitions on mushroom parts.


Oct 17, 2006 ... Mushroom Club. Name the Parts of a Mushroom! Check your answer by rolling the mouse over the part. Java Enabled Browser Required ...


The parts of the mushroom are the cap, gills or pores, spores, stem, ring, volva, mycelium and hypha. The mushroom can be divided into underground and ...