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Here are five common culprits of hair loss in dogs that should be discussed with your veterinarian.

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Hair loss (alopecia) is a common disorder in dogs which causes the animal to have ... If there are multiple missing patches of hair, it could be associated with an  ...

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Mites responsible for mange can take over your dog's fur and cause patchy hair loss. Mange causes skin scaliness that will make your dog itch excessively.

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Hair loss is a constant event in the life of a dog. But when your dog loses so much hair that areas of bare skin are exposed, it's time to head to the vet.

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Hair loss in dogs and cats can appear as areas without hair (bald patches or alopecia) or areas with thinning hair. There may also be changes in the skin with  ...

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Partial or complete alopecia is commonly seen in dogs and can be due to a ... Patches of hair loss could indicate ringworm, bacterial infection, scleroderma, ...

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Dermatitis is a skin condition that could cause irritation and alopecia in dogs with ... of hair loss down his tail and others patches of hair loss all over his body.

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Oct 12, 2016 ... Sometimes a dog losing hair is just shedding. The dog will not have bald patches . If he is itching and scratching that will help you decide what ...

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The most common symptom of puppy mange is hair loss over small patches of skin. Hair loss most frequently occurs around the eyes, on the muzzle, or on the ...