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To pay off a judgment, one contacts the court clerk that issued the judgment to request the form that accompanies the payment and pays the creditor, making sure the payment is conf...

How to Pay Off Judgements
Most people incur bad debt at some point in their financial life. Sometimes this debt is in the form of judgments, which are debts that a court has mandated that you pay. These judgments show up on your credit report and negatively affect your credit.... More »
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How to Pay Off Judgments - Budgeting Money


The money the court awarded to the other party – the judgment creditor – is the ... Be proactive in this situation and pay off judgments to protect your credit rating ...

How to Kill Zombie Judgments on Your Credit Report A judgment


May 21, 2013 ... So settling or paying off a judgment is crucial if you want to get your credit back on track. But what happens when you can't? La Recia wrote:.

Should I Get a Loan to Pay Off a Lawsuit Judgment? | Nolo.com


Consider these factors before you take out a loan to pay off a lawsuit judgment against you.

How should we go about paying off judgement to get approved faster ...


Apr 6, 2013 ... Husband has the ability to borrow against his 403b to pay off judgement. Couple has saved roughly 5% for downpayment. How should we ...

Can a Judgment Be Removed From My Credit Report?


I want to fix this debt but I want the judgement to be removed from my credit ... How can I get a judgement removed off my account if I pay the balance in full?

How to Get a Judgment off Your Credit Report: Personal Finance ...


Oct 13, 2014 ... One of the main things people will do to get a judgment taken off of their credit report is pay it. Sometimes this is done under a “pay for removal” ...

BALANCE: How to Handle a Post-Judgment Debt


Sometimes a judge allows a judgment creditor to force the lien, meaning you would ... Pay in full. You can, of course, pay the debt off at any time. To pay, use a  ...

Reduce your judgement by 50% | payoff your judgment


I can usually help you reduce your judgment by 40% to 50% or more at no cost to you. Cut your judgement down and pay off your judgment faster. Anytime a ...

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Q: How to pay off the judgement?
A: This is what is known as bad debt and bad debt is bought by Law Firms and then they go after you with a vengence. You need to find out who has the debt and appr... Read More »
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Q: How to pay off a judgement?
A: You actually have two choices here. 1) You could file a motion to vacate the judgment for improper service if you never received the summons and were unaware of... Read More »
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Q: Paying off a Judgement.
A: You are right to be cautious.  You appear to want to do the right thing but, I do not want you to be taken advantage of.  Send the collection agency a letter as... Read More »
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Q: What are the next steps after paying off a judgement?
A: To satisfy your lender, you will need to show that you paid off the judgment in full. So, get a copy of the canceled check (front and back) and the paperwork sh... Read More »
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Q: How to pay off a judgement from magistrate for rent?
A: If you could pay it off in one check you could probably exchange the check for a letter to the District Judge directing satisfaction of the award. In your case,... Read More »
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