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Did Cleopatra Drink a Pearl Dissolved in Vinegar?


May 30, 2015 ... The pearl dropped in vinegar is one of the most famous tales about Cleopatra, second only to the story of her suicide by the bite of an asp.

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Apr 30, 2012 ... "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" says pearls dissolve in vinegar. ... India's experiment where she dissolves a 10mm freshwater pearls in vinegar. ww.

Fascinating facts-Pearls dissolve in vinegar


Pearls are expensive, it sounds somewhat strange that they dissolve in vinegar a house hold chemical. Chemically there is nothing strange about it. Pearls are ...

Can you dissolve a pearl in vinegar? - Quora


Can I dissolve a pearl in vinegar? I could but I'd rather not. :-) Haha! In theory, pearls can ... In theory, pearls can dissolve in vinegar. To achieve better results ...

why do pearls melt in vinegar? (This is urgent, please answer ...


This is all cleopatra's fault for drinking that pearl and vinegar concoction (called " magister") and sharing it with Marc Antony. A waste of a good pearl if you ask ...

Cleopatra's pearl cocktail recipe revealed - USATODAY.com


Jul 23, 2010 ... To win a bet, the story goes, Cleopatra quaffed a vinegar martini made with a dissolved pearl, the largest in the whole of history, according to an ...

Cleopatra pearl cocktail proven possible - Technology & science ...


Aug 3, 2010 ... She took one earring off, and dropped the pearl in the vinegar, and when it was wasted away, swallowed it," Roman naturalist and philosopher ...

Balsamic Vinegar Pearls Recipe | Molecular Recipes


Dec 4, 2010 ... The balsamic vinegar pearls are a simple and fantastic way to add a touch of molecular gastronomy to your dishes. The balsamic vinegar is ...

How Cleopatra Won Her Bet


Nov 27, 2012 ... She took one earring off, and dropped the pearl in the vinegar, and when it was wasted away, swallowed it," Roman naturalist and philosopher ...

Pearls International | The Biggest Mistake Pearl People Make


Apr 10, 2012 ... We wanted to see what would happen if we pulled a Cleopatra and dunked a pearl in vinegar. Since chlorine is also a culprit of acid damage, ...

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Cleopatra and the Pearl - Sir Thomas Browne


She took one earring off and dropped the pearl in the vinegar, and when it was melted swallowed it....With this goes the story that, when that queen who had won  ...

Why does a pearl melt in vinegar? - Quora


Pearl does not exactly melt in vinegar. Pearl is Calcium Carbonate and vinegar is Acetic Acid. They react to give Calcium Acetate, Carbon Dioxide and Water.

Cleopatra's pearls dissolved in vinegar - The History Blog


Jul 23, 2010 ... There's a famous story relayed by Pliny the Elder in his Natural History that Cleopatra drank the largest pearls in the world dissolved in vinegar ...