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Pearl Valuation & Assessment - Pearl Jewelry


For cultured pearl experts, lustre is perhaps the most important indicator in ... Shapes range in descending order of value from round to semi-round, from ...

Inherited Pearls. Recognising and Valuing Real Pearls


Are your inherited pearls natural, cultured or fake and what are they worth? ... Can you give me an idea what the value of the necklace might be? We do get ...

Pearl Value Factors: Determining a Pearl's Quality - Pearls of Joy


The 6 Cultured Pearl Quality Factors. There are 6 main factors to keep in mind when determining a pearl's quality and worth: Nacre, Luster, Surface, Shape, ...

Value of Natural to CulturedPearl-Distributor - Pearl Necklaces


Today, natural pearls are mainly found in estate sales and auctions. Being very rare, there are not many examples of natural pearl jewelry left in the world. Ho.

The Value of Pearls - a Quick Guide for Beginners


There are two main types of pearls, those that occur naturally and those that are cultured. Naturally occurring pearls hold a significant value due to the rarity of ...

What are real pearls worth? | Reference.com


The value of pearls depends on a number of factors including their color, size, ... A: While both natural pearls and cultured pearls are real, their creation is the ...

Pearl Value, Price, and Jewelry Information


Find value guides, scientific data, expert comments, and more in our Gemstone ... The most important factor in grading a pearl is if it's natural or cultured.

Pearl Pricing Info – Pearl Paradise


The different types of pearls and why they are priced the way they are Roll Over or Click ... Akoya pearls tend to be smaller than most other cultured pearls, with ...

Pearl Jewelry Buyer's Guide – Learn How to Buy Pearl Jewelry from ...


Starting with the basics we'll look at how a pearl is formed, the sources and types of pearls, their valuation and how this affects the value of pearl jewelry.

7 Easy Steps to Value a Cultured Pearl Necklace - The Necklace ...


When it comes to valuing a necklace, pearl necklaces do not have to be a mystery. 7 key steps can help you value a cultured pearl necklace with ease and  ...

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What You Should Know About Cultured Pearls - Horlacher Jewelers's


Surface perfection contributes to value. The surface of a perfect pearl appears satiny smooth. But when viewed closely, natural or cultured pearls may appear to  ...

How To Buy Pearls - 4 Easy Steps(with pictures) - Pearls of Joy


When dealing with cultured pearls there are several factors that will determine the overall value of a pearl. The biggest factor is shape. Round pearls almost ...

Pearl Quality Factors - GIA


The qualities that determine the overall value of a natural or cultured pearl or a piece of pearl jewelry are size, shape, color, luster, surface quality, nacre quality,  ...