How to Get Curly Hair Without a Perm
Perms can be expensive. And, as the name implies, you will have permanently curly hair, until it grows out. So, if you like to wear your hair curly one day and straight the next, a perm isn't for you. Getting curly hair doesn't require a curling iron or... More »
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Jun 22, 2013 ... Before & After: perm hair update. Rebina Rai ... How To Fake Naturally Curly Hair ! ... How to Style Curly Hair & Get Perfect HEATLESS Curls!

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Things you need to know about perms are the topic of today's post and the ... If it's bleached or dried out, the curls won't curl as much as #frizz and the extra ...

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... for info about perms that relax or perms that add wave or curl, check here for articles, ... involves the use of chemicals to break and reform the bonds of your hair.

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Method 1 of 3: Getting Ready to Perm ... If you only want curly hair a few days a week, try hot rollers or a curling ...

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You can get perms that just add body to fine, limp hair; you can get loose, sexy waves ... to create a "straight perm," which will semi-straighten curly or wavy hair.

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Once a perm is applied and complete, the hair stays in form for a minimum of ... While plenty of people are blessed with curly locks, others have to achieve the ... To get the look of natural curls, stylists can use rods in different shapes and sizes.

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Jan 22, 2014 ... I've had a perm in my hair since about 2010. Naturally, my hair is really thick, a little coarse, and indecisively straight or wavy. Basically, if I keep ...

Popular Q&A
Q: How much does it cost to get a perm to get curly hair?
A: Perms cost from $60 to $150. Usually takes around one and a hal... Read More »
Q: What perm should I get for curly hair?
A: u could get a body's the same as a perm and the same chemicals are used but the curls are larger and looser that way wen u want straight hair u can ... Read More »
Q: African american help with a curly perm or how to get curly hair?
A: i dont recommend perms.they're harmful to ur hair.what i do is spray some water on my hair and either make 2 french braids or about 6 or 8 big braids and rub so... Read More »
Q: How to Get Curly Hair Without a Perm.
A: Things You'll Need. Leave-in conditioner. Curl putty or paste. Hair dryer with diffuser. Instructions. Start out with wet hair. Hair tends to curl better when i... Read More »
Q: How to Get Curly Hair Without a Perm.
A: 1. Start out with wet hair. Hair tends to curl better when it has not been freshly shampooed. So, if you have shampooed your hair the day before you want to wea... Read More »