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Stretching (body piercing)


Stretching, in the context of body piercing, is the deliberate expansion of a healed piercing for ... To help with this process, rubbing vitamin E oil on the stretched ears will help keep them open ...

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Mar 7, 2014 ... Ear gauge piercing. Shadow_Ace ... My Ear Stretching Journey: 14g to 2g! - Duration: 14:11. ... Closing up my stretched ears! - Duration: 13:31.

How Do They Pierce Your Ears With Gauges? | LIVESTRONG.COM


Aug 16, 2013 ... If you do not have pierced ears, you can pierce your ears at a large gauge.... ... Typical ear piercings, from a piercing gun, are a small gauge, such as 20. Professional piercings, done with a .... Gender. See My Calorie Goal ...

How to Gauge Your Ears: 11 Steps - wikiHow


Well before you start you should have your current piercing placement looked at by a reputable ... What is a reasonable size gauge to start my ears out with?

How to Pierce Your Ear (with Pictures) - wikiHow


While the result of piercing your ears is glamorous, actually piercing your ... Make sure to use a needle that is one gauge bigger than the earring that you plan to wear. .... What will happen if I take the piercing out of my ear before the six weeks  ...

King's Body Jewelry - Ear Stretching Guide


Ear Piercing and Stretching Guide. What gauge to start stretching your ears at? ... When you insert a taper it will increase the size of your piercing. The 1st thing you will ... Will stretching too fast and skipping sizes damage my ears? Stretching ...

Ear Stretching Guide - So Scene


Step by step ear stretching guide with gauge sizes and conversion chart. ... Make sure that you wait 4-6 months after a 'fresh piercing' before you begin. Step 2: .... Will my ears ever be able to go back to a 'normal size' after ear stretching?

How to Stretch Your Ear Lobes! - Instructables


Ear stretching originated from tribes in Africa, Eurasia, and other indigenous lands. ... I am at a 2g I just took my tunnel out to clean it and tried to put it back in and slightly ripped my ear and it ... Having stretched ears isn't any more painful than having a regular ear piercing. .... Tags:earstretchingbodymodpiercing gauges.

16G Piercing Kit, Professional Body Piercing Kit 16 Gauge (Ear ...


16G Piercing Kit, Professional Body Piercing Kit 16 Gauge (Ear, Eyebrow, Nipple. Sorry, this .... Tried piercing my lip and the piercing didn't go in I had to force it.

: Body Jewelry Gauge Chart-Piercing Sizes-Body Jewelry Sizing Info


We can tell you the most common gauge sizes used for a particular piercing, ... Many people want a smaller gauge hole in their ear than 16 gauge, so they go ...

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Looking to get a large gauge piercing instead of stretching ...


Has anyone in the Hivemind had a large gauge piercing / dermal ... I stretched my ears to a zero back in the day and had it for a few years.

2 Easy Ways to Stretch an Ear Lobe Piercing (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Two Methods:Stretching the PiercingGauge Size ChartCommunity Q&A. Earlobe .... Thanks! 3 0. Can my ear lobe return to its original shape after stretching?

How to Stretch Your Ear Piercing to a Larger Gauge | TatRing


Feb 1, 2016 ... For example, a 10-gauge piercing is smaller than a 2-gauge piercing. ..... I started gauging my.ears from the regular piercing to a 2 gauge, ...