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Tongue piercing - Netmums


Hi, I am completely outraged my niece is 15 years old today & she had her tongue pierced locally. Is there a law if a child is 16?it's dangerous ...

Age policies - Modify Body Piercing


Nose Lip Navel Eyebrow Septum Tongue Surface piercings - non facial ... We do not accept phone calls, siblings [unless proven legal guardian] or friends over ...

Is there an age limit for tongue piercing? - TheMix.org.uk


How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced - and is it a good idea to have it done at all? TheSite.org asks an expert.

Code of Laws - Title 44 - Chapter 32 - Body Piercing


The Legislative Council is unable to assist users of this service with legal questions. ... This includes, but is not limited to, piercing of an ear, lip, tongue, nose, ...

Body Art - Tattooing and Body Piercing


The law requires tattoo and body piercing operators to obtain a permit in order to operate a tattoo or body piercing studio and for all tattoo and piercing artists to ...

The Law Relating to Body Piercing and Tattoos


Apr 24, 2016 ... The main areas of law that relate to body piercing and tattoos cover the health, safety and licensing of .... Is it legal to get my tongue pierced?

Texas Laws Governing Tongue Splitting, Tattooing & Piercing.


Mar 16, 2016 ... Texas law defines tongue splitting as “cutting a human tongue into two or more parts.” Health & Safety Code §146.0126(a). This procedure is ...

Illinois General Assembly - Full Text of Public Act 094-0684


AN ACT in relation to criminal law. ... of age is accompanied by his or her parent or legal guardian. A ... "I understand that the oral piercing of the tongue,.

Tattoos and Piercings - Lawstuff


Sep 19, 2014 ... Welcome to LAWSTUFF, the website dedicated to providing legal ... a tattoo or piercing, including scarification, branding, tongue splitting or ...

Body piercing - NHS Choices


There is no legal age restriction on most body piercings, but performing genital or female nipple piercing on someone under the age of 18 could be considered ...

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Tattooing and Body Piercing | State Laws, Statutes and Regulations


Jun 11, 2015 ... Thirty-eight states have laws that prohibit both body piercing and ..... subdermal implantation, microdermal, or tongue bifurcation shall be ...

Age of Reason: Piercing and Tattoo Laws and Age Limits 2015 Update


May 27, 2015 ... Tattoos and Piercings- Requires a minor's parent or legal guardian to be ...... If it says no piercing under 18 w/out consent (tongue piercing has ...

Legal Requirments for Body Piercing - Avant-Garde


Legal Piercing Age Requirements. Under Wisconsin State Health Code HFS 173 there are age restrictions and requirements of those being pierced that must be ...