Care of Pine Trees
The hardy pine tree is found across North America and Europe. While the iconic Scotch pine Christmas tree may be the first pine you think of, there are numerous species of the evergreen conifer in the Pinus family. As a tree that is considered low... More »
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Learn more about Pine Trees and the many types. These stately evergreen trees are a great addition to a home or commercial landscape.

Tips on Planting and Maintenance of Pine Trees

Bareroot seedlings: Plant only in the dormant season (e.g. November or March/ April). Keep the roots damp, not immersed in water. If a well developed root ...

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Sometimes, a backyard forest makes it necessary to care for pine trees that were already in the landscape. Fortunately, pine trees are low-maintenance plants ...

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How to Care for Pine Trees. Roughly 35 species of pine tree are native to North America. These fragrant, attractive and majestic trees are used as windbreaks, ...

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Spring Mulching around old and new pine trees is beneficial since it reduces water stress and weed population. Pine bark or pine needles are good mulching  ...

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Apr 15, 2015 ... To make pine tree care a snap later on, begin by choosing a good site and planting the tree properly. In fact, once established in a good ... Tree Care&v=z9KGHi9aMPc
Oct 4, 2008 ... Pine trees need to be pruned in the springtime and should not be pruned halfway down but all the way back to the trunk to prevent the loss of ...

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Planting instructions for evergreen trees such as spruce, pine, fir, cedar and hemlock. Also includes seasonal care instructions.

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Method 2 of 3: Caring for a Pine Tree Seedling ... Wood chips are cheap and work well for pine trees.

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Q: Norfolk pine tree care?
A: There are several factors that determine the height any tree grows. Environment factors like light and nutrients, parent plants and climate all have an effect. ... Read More »
Q: Italian Stone Pine Tree Care.
A: Location. Italian stone pine is a native of the Mediterranean, growing throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Spain and Croatia. The tree has naturalized in s... Read More »
Q: Pine Trees & Lawn Care.
A: The secret to why grass grows thinner beneath a group of pines might be as simple as the reality of reduced sunlight. Pine trees tend to grow in tight clusters,... Read More »
Q: What is proper care for a 15 year old indoor norfolk pine tree ca...
A: These trees reach heights of 50 or more feet when outside in tropical climates (Southern California) Keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Feed Miracle Grow accor... Read More »
Q: Are pine trees easy to care for and how many kinds of pine trees ...
A: From the description you gave I can not tell what tree these are. I would suggest you call the Texas Forest Service and ask one of their Forester to come out an... Read More »