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Aug 4, 2006 ... All that said, I must give you the lecture: There are quite enough puppies ( especially pit bull puppies) in this world. I'd recommend you spay her ...

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Sep 27, 2012 ... Mother pitbull eat puppy after giving birth .... The dogs still for sell ? ... Man Keeps Promise to Dead Dog to Save Her Frightened Puppies ...
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Aug 12, 2010 ... Mia's 4 week old Pit Bull puppies were born on July 10th 2010. I gave her a treat ... this momma dog needs more to eat. you can see her spine.

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The birth of a litter of puppies is often eagerly anticipated. Unfortunately, this happy event is sometimes marred by tragedy. Puppy deaths occur, and sometimes ...

What would make a bitch eat her puppies after giving birth ...


This happened to a "friend of a coworker's son". The bitch in question is a pit bull. Apparently after she finished giving birth to her litter of 7 ...

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Dogs eat their newborn puppies when they do not recognize the puppies as ... Do dogs eat their own newborn puppies? ... What are brindle pit bull puppies?

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We will go overt the necessary steps to keep your pitbull and her puppies safe ... As the puppies are born, your dog will eat away the embryonic sacs and will ...

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My pitbull had 6 pups a few days later one was missing and then today I went out and now another one is missing is she eating them ??? And this is her first litter ...

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While the average owner struggles to train their Pit Bull puppy, these owners ... Set up three times a day to feed your pup and take up the bowl when they are ...

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What makes a mother eat her puppies other than hungry?

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Q: What makes a pitbull eat her puppies?
A: MY husband has bred pits for about 15 years and says that the dog may have something wrong with her but more than likely the mother will eat the pups that are b... Read More »
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Q: Will A Pitbull Eat Her Puppies If I Carry One?
A: No thats crazy our pit had 5 amazing puppies we've held them from day one no problems Read More »
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Q: When can pitbull puppies start eating puppy food?
A: They should start to be weaned at 3 weeks . Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Can 5 week old puppie pitbulls eat puppie food in a can?
A: No. They still should be nursed by their mother until at least eight weeks. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: Can pitbull puppys eat penuts?
A: No They will choke and it's not good for them. Read More »
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