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Dualism (philosophy of mind)


In the dialogue Phaedo, Plato formulated his famous Theory of Forms as distinct and immaterial substances of which the ...

Philosophy of Mind - Dualism - Platonism


Plato, like Descartes, saw the mind as identical with the soul. However ... Because of this view, Plato's arguments for dualism centre on the relationship between ...

Metaphysics: What is Platonic dualism? - Quora


Jul 22, 2013 ... Platonic dualism refers to Plato's Theory of Forms. A very basic outline of this idea would go something like this. If you draw a circle on a piece ...

Dualism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Aug 19, 2003 ... Plato's dualism is not, therefore, simply a doctrine in the philosophy of mind, but an .... According to the mechanist, the conscious mind is an ...


www.qcc.cuny.edu/SocialSciences/ppecorino/INTRO_TEXT/Chapter 6 Mind-Body/DUALISM.htm

dualism, Cartesian interactionist - The view that: (1) the mental and the ... Plato. Plato thought that the soul could and would exist apart from the body and would ...

Dualism and Mind | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


According to the dualist, the mind (or the soul) is comprised of a non-physical ... Plato's Phaedo contains several arguments in support of his contention that the ...

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Dualism - Philosophy


Strengths And Weaknesses Of Dualism - Learn the arguments for and against this concept. Is my mind more than just my physical brain?

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Dualism - College Essay - 4596 ...


Dualism is the belief that reality consists of two different, separate substances: that of the mental and that of the physical. "In philosophy of mind, the belief that ...

Substance Dualism v. Brain Functionalism | at any streetcorner


Jun 18, 2013 ... The former being dualism, where as the latter is most often a type of materialism. Both theories have their strengths and weaknesses, as well as ...

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Q: What is the most probable good in Platonic Dualism?
A: It depends on the individuals Read More »
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Q: How does metaphysics/quantum physics relate to platonic dualism h...
A: I once wrote an article entitled "Two theories of decoherence". The abstract starts out like this: "Theories of decoherence come in two flavors-Platonic and Ari... Read More »
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Q: Can someone explain to me the whole idea behind the notion of pla...
A: Simply speaking it is dualism between idea and real thing. But usually it is described as a triangle: the form, the seen object and the copy of the form in that... Read More »
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Q: 7. For Plato, Herclitus and Parmenidies are correct (according to...
A: Plato's own theory of justice is, individually, justice is a 'human virtue' that makes a person self-consistent Read More »
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Q: Can someone explain Platonic Dualism in normal language!
A: Don't know if this would help... But it has to do with his theory of the forms. It is also present throughout much of his ideas, such as in the hierarchy of kno... Read More »
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