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According to Sea World, wild pot-bellied pigs are omnivores, and their diet includes eggs, snakes, frogs, fish and grasses. Domestic and farm-raised pot-bellied pigs consume pot-be...

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The potbellied pig is a pig that originated in Vietnam and can weigh about 300 pounds. They are smaller than the standard farm hog, which can weigh more than 1,000 pounds. If you have a friend who likes potbellied pigs, then get him a gift that will show... More »
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Pot-bellied pig


Considerably smaller than standard American or European farm pigs, they weigh 43 to 136 kg (100 to 300 lb). Boars, intact male pigs, become fertile at six ...

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Everything you need to know about your pot bellied pet ... While pigs have held a place of high status in Chinese and Eastern Asian cultures for centuries, there ...

Potbellied pig photo, a free potbellied pig photo of a black pot belly pig standing by a wire fence. More »

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... basic facts? Download our Fact Sheet about pot-bellied pigs, with all the info you'll need! ... Potbellied pigs usually get along very well with dogs and cats.

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PLEASE CONSIDER ADOPTING! If you decide on getting a pot belly pig, PLEASE consider adopting from one of the many rescue centers and sanctuaries run ...

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Are Pot Bellied Pigs Good Pets? At three years old, Pot Bellied Pigs average about 125 lbs., (contrary to what you may have heard), making it difficult to take ...

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There is no doubt that given the proper expectations as well as care and training, a pot bellied pig can make an interesting and much-loved addition to the home.

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Is there such thing as a Teacup or Micro-mini Potbelly Pig? Though breeders and pet shops might claim they have micro-mini pigs, far too frequently, such pigs ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is a pot belly pig?
A: A pot belly pig is a miniature pig that is kept as a pet. They are affectionate, clean, cute Read More »
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Q: Are pot belly pigs friendly?
A: Potbelly pigs are quite friendly and many people have them as house pets. They are good Read More »
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Q: Caring For Pot Bellied Pigs.
A: Pigs are omnivores, not herbivores. These animals need more than just vegetation to be healthy. Feed specially formulated pig chow, available at pet or farm sup... Read More »
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Q: Is this normal? Pot Bellied Pigs
A: Nursing sows use a lot of energy to make the milk for the babies. Sometimes it can take awhile for them to regain their weight. If she doesn't begin to regain t... Read More »
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Q: Are they allowed there? Pot Bellied Pigs
A: Every town and city has it's own zoning ordinances. Home Owners Associations have their own rules, which can be more strict and just as enforceable as any gover... Read More »
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