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Downed power lines are dangerous. Never touch them. For safety's sake, always assume that a fallen power line is live, and follow these guidelines:.


Contact with overhead power lines is the leading cause of electrical fatalities for agricultural workers. Of the 1,001 reported power line contact incidents from ...


Feb 18, 2015 ... You do not have to touch a power line to be in danger. High-voltage electricity can jump to anyone who gets too close. Stay at least 10 feet ...


Power lines carry a lot of electricity and can be dangerous. Here are some important reminders to stay safe near power lines.


Downed power lines and wires are dangerous. Learn how to stay safe when a downed wire is encountered.


The Arizona Legislature enacted the Overhead Power Line Safety Law to make working near overhead power lines safer. Please familiarize yourself with the ...


Power lines provide our homes and businesses with electricity to help us carry out our ... may help consumers to stay safe in the event of a downed power line:.


Our safety program features six important rules to follow when working around power lines.


The Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership has developed safety and ... safety training courses and videos for workers in the electric line construction ...