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26 Amazing Pregnancy Myths That Hint At Your Baby's Gender ...


There are plenty of old wives tales out there about whether you're going to have a baby boy or girl. While none of them have been proven (or are medically ...

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There are plenty of myths about how to tell whether you are pregnant with a boy or a girl. Here are some of the most popular, gathered from around the world.

Am I Having A Boy Or Girl? Fun Ways to Tell! | Parenting


Tags: second trimester, Pregnancy Symptoms, Gender Prediction, Most ... If your bump is low, you're carrying a boy. ... Trying to Conceive a Boy or a Girl?

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According to ancient wisdom, acne during pregnancy hints that you're having a girl. A perfect complexion could be a sign that you're expecting a boy.

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Carrying high or low. High = Girl and Low = Boy; Craving sweet or savory? If you' re craving sweets, it's a girl. If the baby's father puts on weight during pregnancy ...

Boy or Girl? Gender-Guessing Myths and Facts - Carolina Parent


Jul 1, 2010 ... We really can't help ourselves; the sight of a pregnant woman automatically makes us fast-forward to one question: boy or girl? Beware ...

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May 21, 2010 ... Trying to tell whether it's a boy or girl? Here's what works -- and ... Pregnancy ... a girl." Even stranger myths for predicting the baby's sex exist.

9 old wives tales for predicting gender - Today's Parent


Apr 27, 2016 ... “So, are you having a boy or a girl?” Every pregnant woman has been asked this question—several times. Even if you're choosing to not find ...

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Apr 12, 2016 ... Pregnant women throughout the centuries have longed to find ways to answer this question, and only in recent generations has it been ...

51 Gender Prediction Wives Tales!! - BabyCenter


Jul 9, 2011 ... If you dream about having a girl, it will be a boy. Dreams show ... Old Wives Tale #38: Breast Test If a pregnant woman s left breast is larger than the right breast, she s having a girl. ... This old wives tale is actually not a myth.