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Steps to Filing a Small Claims Case - California Courts


Self-Help>Small Claims>Suing Someone>Steps to Filing a Small Claims Case ... get help with every step of the process from your court's small claims advisor.

Sue in Small Claims Court - The People's Lawyer


How to Sue in Small Claims Court by Professor Richard M. Alderman The People's Lawyer. What Is Small Claims Court? Small claims court is the real " People's ...

Take 'Em to Court: Suing in Small Claims Court | legalzoom.com


Learn about suing in small claims court at LegalZoom. ... a judge without incurring considerable expense in the form of attorney's fees and court costs. ... to serve the documents for you, or you may hire a process server to serve the documents.

How (And When) To Take Someone To Small Claims Court


Mar 19, 2015 ... You should consider suing in small claims court. ... In exchange for the simpler process, you are capped on how much money you can ask for ...

Before You Sue: 10 Things to Think About - Guide to Hiring a Lawyer


Do you have the money to pay a lawyer to handle the lawsuit? Lawsuits can be ... Is your claim small enough to bring in "small claims" or "conciliation" court?

Filing Your Small Claims Case - Civil Law Self-Help Center


If you are filing in the Las Vegas Justice Court, ... Flowchart – Overview of the Small Claims Process

What Are the Small Claims Filing Fees? - The Superior Court of ...


How Do I Get More Information about Filing a Small Claims Action? ... File your case in a court in the right county and court (called Justice Centers in Orange County). .... to serve this copy on the defendant (this is called service of process).

small claims instructions for plaintiffs - Oregon State Courts


Small claims are filed to resolve disputes without a lawyer. Court staff ... www. courts.oregon.gov to get the current defendant's filing fees. o Your claim .... You must pay the service fee separately to your process server or servers (see below) .

How to File a Suit in Small Claims Court | Rocket Lawyer


Learn the legal steps for filing a suit in small claims court with Rocket Lawyer. ... You may use the sheriff or a private process server to serve the document at ...

Someone Owes Me Money - What Are My Options? | Bongiovi Law


Feb 14, 2012 ... Las Vegas, NV Business Attorney to help you with all legal aspects of your business. ... in Las Vegas Small Claims Court but can only sue for up to $10,000. ... reality is that litigation is an expensive, time-consuming process.

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Talk to the person or business you are thinking about suing. ... Read this website, get help from your court's small claims advisor and use the different resources ...

How to File a Case in Small Claims Court (with Pictures) - wikiHow


The cost of filing a claim in small claims court ranges from ... The process of notifying the other party of the lawsuit is called ...

Small Claims - Q&A


Periodically we receive requests for information about filing a small claims lawsuit. Indeed, certain disputes may be properly filed in small claims court rather than the ... While the sheriff or process serving company may cost more, you are less ...