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Electronic serial numbers (ESNs) were created by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to uniquely identify mobile ... ESNs are currently mainly used with CDMA phones (and were previously ... Pseudo-ESNs are not guaranteed to be unique (the MEID is the unique identifier if the phone has a pseudo-ESN).

Mar 12, 2009 ... To change an ESN number on a phone, which means activating a new phone, log in to the carrier's Web site, click on "Upgrade or Activate ...


In addition to being programmed into the circuitry of the phone's microchip, the ESN typically is found on a label under the cellular phone's battery.


Nov 15, 2012 ... Have you ever wondered how CDMA phones are programmed to a specific ... a Verizon Wireless phone cannot work on Sprint or MetroPCS or Virgin Mobile or .... epic 4g touch which is my phone also and has a clean esn.


FOR CDMA:- If PIN and ESN are known, a mobile phone can be cloned in ... as a “key”) pre-programmed into both the mobile phone and the network before ...


Hello and Welcome, Have you ever wondered what exactly is going on inside your cell phone besides the apps on your screen. Perhaps you are an Ebay seller ...


ESN or "Electronic Serial Number" is the term used to describe a cellular ... legitimate subscriber's telephone number and ESN and re-program a phone with this ...


You will need to provide the carrier with your Electronic Serial Number (ESN). ... Step Four: Program your Globalstar phone with your new cellular phone number.


If you have recently purchased a used Verizon cell phone -- either to replace a lost ... while basic feature phones may require dialing a specific number for programming. ... Type in the EIN/MEID number you wrote down in the "ESN/MEID " field.