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How to Detect and Replace a Faulty Transmission Valve - CarsDirect


The transmission valve, or transmission modulator valve, controls the point at which gears are shifted. The modulator valve works together with the governor or  ...

Transmission Modulator - AutoZone


It controls and regulates pressure for smooth operation in automatic transmission. In the absence of the modulator valve (such as a chrysler torque-flite), the ...

Automatic Transmissions A Short Course on How They Work ...


What is a transmission breaks down in the simplest terms what the purpose of a ... The Governor and the Modulator or Throttle Cable that monitor speed and ...

what does the modulator valve on a transmission do, and what are ...


May 19, 2007 ... Best Answer: i own a shop,and what it does is makes it change gears at certain times,this is done by using vacuum from the engine to control ...

Automatic Transmission Modulator Valve | Auto Parts Warehouse


Jul 30, 2014 ... To perform its function, the modulator needs the Automatic Transmission Modulator Valve to be in excellent working condition. Without the ...

Transmission Vacuum Modulator | Auto Parts Warehouse


Need a compatible Transmission Vacuum Modulator for your car? Then get it at Auto Parts Warehouse with thousands of items at great prices. Order now!

Automatic Transmissions: Valves and Modulators - HowStuffWorks


Find out how an automatic transmission works and how it differs from a manual. ... Other cars use a vacuum modulator to apply pressure to the throttle valve.

Transmission Pressure: Governor Regulator Modulator Throttle Valves


Learn about automatic transmission control devices like the pressure regulator, transmission governor, modulator valve, and transmission throttle valves.

What Is a Transmission Vacuum Modulator Valve? | eHow


The transmission vacuum modulator valve determines how much load is on the ... installed in automobile automatic transmissions for the purpose of controlling ...

How Do I Know If Transmission Modulator Is Going Out? - Blurtit


Answer (1 of 4): You will be able to tell if your transmission modulator is not working properly or is experiencing some problems if the transmission will not shift ...

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Q: Where is the transmission modulator on a Windstar?
A: There isn't a modulator valve on the 1998 Windstar. Its all electonics these days. What you need to look for, is the Range Sensor that is bolted down on top of ... Read More »
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