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Blood quantum laws


Blood quantum laws or Indian blood laws are those enacted in the United States and the former colonies to define qualification by ancestry as Native American, ... but not as American Indian for the ...

Establishing Your American Indian Ancestry - Bureau of Indian Affairs


Generally, tribal revenues are used for the benefit of tribal members. ... forces can also receive Social Security and Federal retirement benefits, if they qualify.

Determining Your Native American Ancestry - Indians.org


After you figure out that you do come from Native American ancestry there are often many benefits that you are available. Native American ancestry can qualify  ...

Frequently Asked Questions - Native American Rights Fund : Native ...


When referring to American Indians or Alaska Natives, it is appropriate to use the ... Some Indian tribes receive benefits from the federal government in fulfillment ...

Are you Native American and do you get any benefits from it? (eyes ...


Are you one of those who are 1/8 or 1/16 Native American and get benefits from the state and or government? ... My tribe will also dig a water well for members and offers low interest mortgages for those who qualify. It takes ...

What special benefits do you get for being Cherokee? - Slate


Mar 5, 2007 ... Like the members of other Native American tribes, Cherokees have access to free health care at tribe-run clinics and hospitals. Prescription ...

Frequently Asked Questions - Cherokee Nation


However, you may be eligible for some tribal, BIA or Indian Health Service benefits, depending on your specific situation and the service's eligibility requirements ...

Indian Tribal Enrollment Register for a Card - Native American Online


Two common requirements for membership are lineal decendency from someone ... Some federal programs designed for the benefit of Native Americans still ...

Social Security Adminstration: Welcome to American Indians and ...


Is there a way of getting an increase to my SSI money if my Individual Indian ... Affairs (BIA) cash allotment affect my eligibility for SSI or SSDI cash benefits?

Bureau of Indian Affairs, BIA, DOI, Interior

www.ssc.wisc.edu/~oliver/soc220/Lectures220/AmerInds/AmerInd FAQs from BIA.htm

NOTE: I downloaded this page from the Bureau of Indian Affairs web site in 2001. As that web site .... Tribes also have varying eligibility criteria for membership.

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Trace Indian Ancestry | U.S. Department of the Interior


It is the individual tribes who set tribal enrollment requirements. ... Benefits & Services Provided to American Indians and Alaska Natives - Provides a general ...

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Financial Assistance ... - Benefits.gov


The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Financial Assistance and Social Services ( FASS) program ... Individuals must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:.

Native American Research | Lineages


Specialists in proving Native American ancestry for tribal membership and ... related to you to qualify for tribal membership and receive benefits from such tribes ...