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In molecular biology and genetics, translation is the process in which ribosomes in a cell's cytoplasm create proteins, following transcription of DNA to RNA in ...

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Genes encode proteins, and the instructions for making proteins are decoded in two steps: first, a messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule is produced through the ...

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The process by which DNA is copied to RNA is called ... RNA is used to produce proteins is called translation.

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Jan 30, 2008 ... Translation is a key process in biological lifeforms. It is this set of events that transforms the code contained in DNA and later mRNA into the ...

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Translation. Translation is the final step on the way from DNA to protein. It is the synthesis of proteins directed by a mRNA template. The information contained in  ...

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Translate is a tool which allows the translation of a nucleotide (DNA/RNA) sequence to ... Please enter a DNA or RNA sequence in the box below (numbers and ...

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Protein synthesis thus involves interactions between three types of RNA ... tRNAs , and rRNAs), as well as various proteins that are required for translation.

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The yellow molecule is messanger RNA (mRNA); it leaves the nucleus; at the ribosome, ribosomal RNA (rRNA) binds to mRNA; transfer RNa or tRNA (in green ) ...

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The yellow molecule is messenger RNA (mRNA); it leaves the nucleus; at the ribosome, ribosomal RNA (rRNA) binds to mRNA; transfer RNA or tRNA (in green ) ...

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Created by George Rice, Montana State University Translation is the process that takes the information passed from DNA as messenger RNA and turns it into a ...

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Translation is the process by which a protein is synthesized from the information contained in a molecule of messenger RNA (mRNA). During translation, an ...

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In the process of translation, a cell reads information from a molecule called a messenger RNA (mRNA) and uses this information to build a protein. Translation  ...

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For example, at normal temperatures the mRNA ... prevents the mRNA from binding to a ribosome and being translated.