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The timeline of radio lists within the history of radio, the technology and events that produced instruments that use radio waves and activities that people ...

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1888: Heinrich Hertz detects and produces radio waves. 1894: Marchese Guglielmo Marconi builds his first radio equipment, a device that will ring a bell from 30 ...

Timeline: Radio
1860s - 1880s: James Clerk Maxwell showed mathematically that electromagnetic waves can propogate through free space. Heinrich Hertz and other scientists demonstrate this in the laboratory.
1895 - 1897: Guglielmo Marconi sends and receives his first radio transmission. Nikola Tesla experiments with transmission and radiation of radio waves and becomes the first person to patent radio technology in the U.S.
1900 - 1920: Reginald Fesseden creates AM radio and is generally credited with sending the first audio broadcast. Edwin Armstrong creates FM radio.

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When radio was first invented by Nikolai Tesla in 1893, it was primarily used to maintain contact between two or more ships at sea; today, the radio is a major ...

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The first broadcasting of a radio transmission consisted of Morse code (or wireless telegraphy) ... The History of broadcasting in Australia has been shaped for over a century by ..... In 1931, the ...

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The Changes to Radios over the last 100 years ... Once referred to as “wireless telegraphy,” radio technology has always included electronic signaling between  ...

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In 1909 he shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for his radio work. ... than a scientist —freely admitted he didn't really understand how his invention worked. In 1894 ...

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Many people were involved in the invention of radio as we know it today. Experimental work on the connection between electricity and magnetism began around ...

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Inventors around the world were churning out new and exciting inventions left and right in the years leading up to the 20th century. Scientific work in radio ...

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