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Prove economic hardship. In many states, you can prove that you can't serve on a jury for financial reasons. Only try this excuse if you honestly believe that you ...

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Jul 7, 2012 ... If you've ever been called for jury duty, you've seen your fellow citizens use every possible excuse to try to wiggle out of their civic duty.

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May 9, 2011 ... CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — Looking for an excuse to get out of jury duty? Try this one: Tell the judge ... And we all have life reasons not to go.

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Below is my step by step guide to avoiding / minimizing jury service. I was summoned and .... Good reasons include: if you work solely or mostly on commission or are part of a small business and being out 3-4 weeks will kill your company .... You can defer your service or be excused from a jury duty summons for good cause.

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When you get called in for Jury duty, you need no excuse: just wear a T-shirt which says, ..... 1 if there was any reason he could not be a fair and impartial juror .

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Requests to be excused are reviewed by the courts on a case by case basis. ... # 1 Way to Get Out of Jury Duty – If You Can't Be Fair, Say So ... Most counties in California allow for the postponement of jury duty to a later time for no reason.

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Jun 25, 2015 ... While many citizens view jury duty as a civic responsibility that must be fulfilled, ... Sure, there are myriad reasons not to want to be a juror: the ...

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Mar 10, 2014 ... Many people want out of jury duty because it disrupts their lives, and you'll find ... Sometimes life dictates reasons to do this, but many people are simply ... You can get excused for bias during a process called voir dire, but that ...

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But if you try to ditch jury duty, you have to face twin hurdles: You will be a “bad citizen”, ... So the defendant is not guilty by reason of the law sucking, essentially. Can you think of any ..... I was excused from jury duty today. I noticed the lawyer ...

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Jun 10, 2010 ... How To Get Out Of Jury Duty Summons – 16 Fool-Proof Excuses .... one day, for whatever reason (not necessarily through fault of your own).

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Feb 29, 2012 ... Quick example: A few weeks ago my sister had jury duty. ... This won't get you excused from sitting there in the jury lounge for two days but it'll ...

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You may also request an excuse online by selecting My Jury Duty Portal on the jury website. ... jury duty? What are the reasons for which I may be excused?