Reasons to Vacate a Judgement
In a motion to vacate a judgment, the court is asked to withdraw its previous judgment in a lawsuit. A motion to vacate is not an appeal, because it stays in the same court that makes the judgment, whereas the appeal goes to a higher court. Although it... More »
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Vacated judgment

A vacated judgment makes a previous legal judgment legally void. A vacated judgment is usually the result of the judgment of an appellate court, which ...

Vacating A Default Judgment - Consumer Law Center, Inc

What are the criteria for vacating a default judgment? There are two main reasons that a court will vacate a default judgment: (1) excusable default and (2) lack of ...

Vacating a Judgment - How to Vacate or Dismiss a Judgment

Apr 6, 2015 ... Learn how to vacate a judgment and how to file a motion to vacate. ... If the outcome was not fair, and you have good reason why the court ...

Vacating a Default Judgment | LegalMatch Law Library

Jul 6, 2015 ... In order to have the default judgment vacated or set aside, the person must show the court they have a good reason to do so. This is done by ...

Vacating a Judgment – How to attempt to get rid of a judgment

Dec 26, 2009 ... Vacating a Judgment - Attempting to Remove a Judgment Has a creditor ... The two most frequent reasons a judgment is "won" are: A) failing to ...


Jan 15, 2014 ... In order to vacate a judgment in California, You must file a motion ... There are many reasons for this and they certainly are no going to tell you.

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If you then want a new trial, you must ask the judge to vacate (cancel) the judgment against you. You must have a good reason for not going to your trial, like you ...

How to Vacate a Default Judgment (Small Claims)

How to Vacate a Default Judgment (Small Claims Division of the Superior Court ... If the reason you did not go to court was because you were not served with a ...


A Motion to Vacate is a request to the court to withdraw a previous order or judgment it entered. It has to be based on one of the specific reasons set forth in Civil ...

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Q: Reasons to Vacate a Judgement.
A: Notice. If you did not receive notice of the lawsuit or of a hearing that is a part of a lawsuit, you have a valid reason to file a motion to vacate a judgment.... Read More »
Q: Is this a valid reason to vacate a judgement?
A: No, you can't overturn the judgment or re-open the case with that. What you need to do is go back to the clerk of the court tomorrow or as soon as possible and ... Read More »
Q: Reasons to vacate judgement.
A: Not much. It doesn't seem like you have a valid reason to seek to vacate the judgment. Read More »
Q: Is there a reasonable way to vacate a judgement that was done 7 y...
A: You may be able to file a Motion to Set Aside the Judgment but since it has been 7 years that will probably prove very difficult. You will have to convince the ... Read More »
Q: What is a "good reason" for not responding to the summons when fi...
A: Had you responded to the summons and explained that to the court you may have been able to get a "continuance" extending the time for you to find and pay for co... Read More »