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How to Make Your Own Dog Repellent. While dogs may be man's best friend, they can also be a major nuisance, especially when they are puppies.

Popular Q&A
Q: Anyone have a homemade recipe for a dog repellent?
A: Hi there...Common odours that are effective deterrents for dogs are: Citronella works best for cats, but some dogs also may not like well as citrus scen... Read More »
Q: Dog repellent? homemade recipe...?
A: I heard sprinkling cayenne pepper on the ground works. Read More »
Q: How to Stop a Dog With Repellent.
A: Things You'll Need. Spray bottle. Water. Ground cayenne pepper. Instructions. Rinse out a spray bottle to remove any residual liquid from its original contents.... Read More »
Q: How to Repel Dog Hair.
A: Things You'll Need. Dog brush, comb or mitt. Vacuum. Adhesive sheets and lint rollers. Pet hair carpet treatment. Carpet rake. Old towels. Instructions. Brush o... Read More »
Q: What is a good dog repellent?
A: Natural and Economical Dog Repellent. Ground Cayenne pepper mixed with water in a spray bottle is a great natural dog repellent. Just spray it where you don't w... Read More »