Perfume/ Cologne Recipes | Beauty - Pioneer Thinking

Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy and perfume-making for centuries. The strong fragrance from these plant extracts makes them ideal for perfume ...

Homemade Perfume Recipe - Non-Toxic and Natural

Apr 30, 2013 ... Homemade Perfume - All Natural with No Chemicals ... is the same ratio of essential oils I've used in my homemade room deodorizer recipe.

Homemade Herbal Perfume Recipe with Essential Oils

This DIY herbal perfume recipe uses with essential oils and food grade alcohol for a natural alternative to conventional perfume with aromatherapy benefits.

Homemade Perfume on Pinterest | Perfume Recipes, Homemade ...

HOMEMADE PERFUME ~ Prior to making this perfume, I hadn't worn perfume in years. They would always give me a headache, and there's a reason for this.

How to make perfume - Instructables

Why spend a fortune on perfume or cologne when you can make your own for cheap. ... Can someone tell me why you have to use vodka for perfume making?

DIY Homemade Perfume (a simple homemade gift) - Live Simply

Dec 2, 2014 ... How to make a simple DIY homemade perfume you will love! ... This DIY homemade perfume recipe is so easy to make and easy to customize.

15 Tantalizing Essential Oil Perfume Recipes - Simple Pure Beauty

Apr 6, 2014 ... When I started researching, it wasn't that easy to find homemade perfume recipes with the essential oil measurements listed. As a newbie to ...

The Mountain Rose Blog – Making Botanical Perfumes & Colognes

Oct 5, 2011 ... Did you know that most perfumes and colognes are manufactured using synthetic chemicals, even petroleum? Many of these ingredients do ...

7 Homemade Perfumes That Are Completely Natural and Smell ...

I love making homemade perfumes for various reasons, but the most important one has to be for health. Almost every store-bought perfume, cologne, or body ...

Small Measures: Homemade Eau de Perfume | Design*Sponge

Those fragrances comfort me beyond description, even though they don't speak to me for my own personal use. As a woman who is interested in making things ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is the recipe for homemade dog cologne?
A: 3 oz of purified water, 1/2 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin, 1 teaspn Read More »
Q: What is the recipe for homemade rose perfume?
A: Natural perfume should be comprised of 10 percent absolute and 90 percent carrier subs... Read More »
Q: How To Make Homemade Perfume: Perfume Recipe.
A: Perfume is a classic gift, but it's even better if the perfume you give is a scent that you created yourself, especially if you package it in a beautiful bottle... Read More »
Q: Homemade dog perfume/cologne?
A: No you need to use the safe essential oils. Honestly it would be cheaper to buy a commercial doggie cologne instead of making one. Here is a place I buy product... Read More »
Q: Homemade Perfume Recipes Using Fragrance Oils.
A: Making Your Perfume Base. Start with a base, then choose your fragrance oils according to your taste. Add 1/2 tsp. glycerin to 4 tbsp. vodka in your fragrance b... Read More »