Can You Retract a Bid on Ebay?
Mistakes or unfortunate occurrences sometimes happen, some of which may cause you to need to retract a bid you've placed on eBay. Depending on the circumstances, eBay will allow it. Simply changing your mind about an item, however, is not sanctioned by... More »
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However, under exceptional circumstances, eBay allows you to retract bids. For example: It's OK to retract a bid if... You accidentally enter a wrong bid amount.

Bidding overview - eBay

As a general rule, you can't retract or cancel a bid. Once you place a bid, you agree to pay for the item if ...

How When & Why To Retract a Bid - Don't Ask the Seller! | eBay

How When & Why To Retract Your Bid If you have bid on the wrong item, bid too much, or just simply changed your mind, you can retract your bid without any ...
With that said, in practice it is possible to "get away with" bid retractions every now and then, by using the tool linked at the end of this article while following these guidelines: Don't retract a bid more than once or twice a year at the most. Don't retract bids wi... More »
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How to retract or remove your bid on eBay? If you are the winning bidder of an item on eBay you are obliged to purchase that item. There are two exceptions to ... Bid&v=JG_sFLbuETc
Jan 4, 2010 ... It is very fast and easy as of 2015 page design; go to the very bottom of any ebay page, click on "Site Map", then click on "Bid Retractions" which ... Bid&v=D9L_D1Ydj4A
Oct 26, 2012 ... eBay Tutorial - How To Cancel or Retract A Bid On eBay In this video tutorial I show you how to cancel or retract a bid on ebay. If you have any ...

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People make mistakes. Luckily for everyone, eBay members are allowed to retract bids under certain circumstances. You may retract your eBay bid if you meet ...

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Anyway, when I checked the auction status last night, I saw that he had retracted his bid. I checked out Repoman's feedback history and see ...

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Q: How to to retract bid on ebay?
A: You go to Customer Support and enter "I want to retract a bid I placed" in the inquiry field and follow the procedure. Ebay sends a request to the seller to ret... Read More »
Q: Where can one find information on retract bids?
A: Retracting bids is something that some unscrupulous buyers do on eBay. The best way to find out about this is by consulting the eBay seller help pages. Read More »
Q: Retract bidding on ebay?
A: I don't understand what you said. You stopped after $185 - WELL STOP BIDDING AND LET SOMEONE ELSE BID. There's a way to CANCEL YOUR BID. Read the instructions o... Read More »
Q: How to Retract A Bid On Ebay.
A: 1. Log in at eBay (see Resources below) 2. Click on "My eBay. 3. Click on "Buying Resources. 4. Click on "Retracting a Bid. 5. Read the guidelines for retractin... Read More »
Q: Bid Retraction What is a Bid Retraction? Glossary of eBay Terms
A: Buyers on eBay can under special circumstances retract bids that they have placed on auction listings. When a bid retraction occurs, the proxy bidding process r... Read More »