At a big campus, a group of bullied outcasts and misfits resolve to fight back for their peace and self respect... More>>

Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds is a 1984 American comedy film about social life on a college campus. The film stars Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards, with Curtis ...

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4.5/5.0 rating. See Revenge of the Nerds: Panty Raid Edition on the Amazon Movies and TV store. Great savings on a wide range of DVD, Blu-ray, and ...  · More about this product » of the Nerds&v=L4Wl2r_VlhA
Nov 12, 2012 ... Revenge of the Nerds. Ejiro Harrison .... You just got your asses whipped, by a bunch of NERDS! ... They call us freaks they call us NERDS.
The original 1984 goofball comedy starred Anthony Edwards and Robert Carradine as best friends who head off to college only to find themselves ostracized because they're smart, pocket protector-wearing nerds. The idea to remake the comedy was hatched by Brody and Brett... More »
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Jul 25, 2014 ... This week also happens to include the 30th anniversary of Revenge of the Nerds. And man, has the word “nerd” evolved a lot since 1984.

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In depth study of the commercial, artistic and social merits of the classic '80s comedy film Revenge of the Nerds.

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Movie Info. Two college freshmen labeled and outcast as geeky nerds by the obnoxious jock-strapped "upper class," decide to form their own fraternity dedicated ...

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Apr 3, 2015 ... Honestly, this is not how most people remember the plot of 1984's Revenge of the Nerds, a movie that, according to the Internet Movie ...

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Jul 31, 2015 ... If you ever sat at the edge of the cafeteria longing to sit with the cool kids, take heart: You may wind up happier than they are.

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Q: Revenge of the Nerd?
A: I think being made fun of in school certainly drives to excel, prove your worth. Won't make you HAPPY as a person, because that drive to excel is coming from an... Read More »
Q: When was Revenge of the Nerds released?
A: Revenge of the Nerds was released in 1984! Is there anything else can help Read More »
Q: Who is in the movie "Revenge of the Nerds"
A: Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, John Goodman, Ted McGinley, Davi... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: What is the storyline of Revenge of the Nerds ?
A: They've been laughed at, picked on and put down. But now it's time for the odd to get even! Their time has come! Yes, it's the tag line from the 1984 classic mo... Read More »
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4.7/5.0 rating. See Revenge of the Nerds: The Atomic Wedgie Collection on the Amazon Movies and TV store. Great savings on a wide range of DVD, Blu-ray, ...