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How to Rewire an Extension Cord
Extension cords damage easily during use. The damage can occur at the plugs located at the ends of the cord or anywhere along its length. You can repair an extension cord with the proper tools and parts. Wiring the replacement parts correctly ensures... More »
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You don't have to throw away that old extension cord, even if one of its prongs is broken. You can replace the plug instead—in a 4 easy steps.

Sep 10, 2011 ... Extremely basic electrical repair. This is how I repaired The female end of my 100 foot extension cord. This would be the same process to repair ...


Three-prong extension cords can be expensive, especially if they are very long. If the end of an extension cord is damaged, it is often less expensive to replace ...


If you accidentally cut your extension cord or power tool cord, save it by adding a new plug and receptacle to the two pieces—a safer solution than a splice.


Follow these simple steps to replace a socket or plug on an extension cord. Your cord will be safe and you'll avoid the high cost of a new one.


1) No matter how long your extension cord is, it's always three feet too short. My project adds six feet to any extension cord. If you build one you can make the ...


Learn how to wire or repair an extension cord. If you have a damaged extension cord you can easily repair and wire it. Complete instructions and video.


Sometimes, however, you can't find a cord that's the right length or the right color. You might wonder if rewiring the lamp with an extension cord can meet the ...


To rewire or repair a damaged three-prong extension cord, remove the damaged portion, and cut through the cord's outer jacket to expose the inner wires.