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Mar 16, 2015 ... Follow these five tips for hooking live bait and you will experience more — and better — bites.


Jul 24, 2015 ... Hooking the live fish bait in the breastplate made them want to swim down and away, and that was the secret to getting bit. I followed suit, and ...

Jun 18, 2013 ... Ever wonder about the best way to rig your live bait so your catch ... This clip shares some tips and techniques on how to rig your live bait in ...


Rigging live bait seems like the easiest thing in the world (because it kind of is.) But here are 5 tricks for live bait rigs to take it next level!


How to Rig Live Bait. Sometimes fish just want live bait. You can learn how to rig live bait on a simple fish hook, as well as the best practices for ensuring that ...


Fishing with live bait is one of the most effective ways to catch fish anywhere in the world. This is a tried and true method that has many advantages. The bigg.


Lip hooked baitfish are used tipped on a jig or live bait rigs; sliding weight bottom rig, bottom bouncers, drop shot rig or on a float/bobber set-up. By hooking the ...


Jun 8, 2017 ... When you absolutely, positively have to catch a fish, live bait is the only way to go , period. While artificial lures are variously new, improved, ...


May 24, 2016 ... Find ways to target big blue and black marlin with these live bait rig tips.