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Road rally


A road rally is a car rally that takes place on the public road. It is a popular sport in the United .... While these changes were not as draconian as many had feared (for example, one of the most p...

Road Rally 104 - Sample General Instructions By Scott Harvey


Road Rally 104 - Sample General Instructions By Scott Harvey. [“Road Rally x”]. [ “Road Rally x”]. General Instructions. [This is an actual set of General ...

About Scenic Road Rallies


Scenic Road Rallies engages the automobile enthusiast's interest in the lost art of ... The directions might say for example: Travel 3.2 miles on Harrison Avenue, ...

How to Go Road Rallying - EUMSC - Edinburgh University Motor ...


Feb 15, 2007 ... As with most other forms of rallying, a road rally crew consists of a driver ... are somewhat different to those of their counterparts on, for example, ...

Rally Master Guide - Indy Miata Club


Sample Route Sheet 11. Waiver Form ... coordinates and runs a road rally for the Indy Miata Club. ... As an example, instead of questions being listed on the rally.

The Official guide To Gimmick Rallying - Wheels Rallye Team


It also features descriptions of skill, puzzle, cruise and photo gimmick road rallyes . ... Route instructions can be simple (example: Right on Jones) or can be two and three ... Creative thinking on the part of rallymasters devise all sorts of traps ...

Road Rally - LDS Splash


Road Rally ... For example: ... bottom of the page you can put a section for bonus points, things that are on the path that they get points if they find, For Example:

Road Rally Rules 2015 - Cascade Sports Car Club


Welcome to the Cascade Sports Car Club's Road Rally Pro- gram. ..... probably helpful, is not mandatory. Example: 25. L at STOP. (Use caution, traffic does not.

Finding Your Way - A Guide to Rally Navigation & Timing


In the text that follows, there are some examples to help you, if you want to try ... Rally routes should not use the same road twice, unless you are specifically ...

Road Rally Scavenger hunt game - My Mystery Party


An outrageous Road Rally Scavenger Hunt for at least two teams (no limit of how ... And these are only four examples of the thirty five fun tasks from the task list ...

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Have You Ever Participated in a Riddle Road Rally? | AskPatty.com ...


Sep 24, 2014 ... A contest of precision, road rally participants receive a series of ... Route instructions can be simple (example: Right on Jones) or can be two- ...

An Example of Navigational Rally Instructions - Mablethorpe & DMC


Mablethorpe DMC Navigational Rally. The correct route is the shortest ... SH - Spotheight (the numbers on the map with a dot on the road). GS - Grid square.

What are some road rally ideas? | Reference.com


One idea for a road rally is to have everyone in the group go to a restaurant, ... Examples of groups that may use rallies are friends, businesses, coworkers, ...