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Street sign theft occurs when street signs are stolen, often to be used as decorations, but also ... In most jurisdictions, the theft of traffic signage is treated like any other theft with respect to prosecution and sentencing. If, however, the theft leads ...


You'd have to be totally insane or very brazen to attempt to steal the "Speed Limit 65" from your local interstate highway. Metal signs attached to the permanent ...


What is the most effective, quick way to remove the sign? ... Some road departments will bend any bolt ends beyond the nut to make it that much difficult to ...


May 29, 2012 ... Steal a street sign, and emergency services workers can get lost, putting lives and property at risk. ... In most cases, sign theft is a misdemeanor, and the penalty is a fine and potentially up to a year in ... Tags: Road traffic safety.


Jan 17, 2017 ... 420sign What Will Happen If People Keep Stealing 420 Road Signs? ... joint tips. Learn how to roll amazing joint filter tips, for the perfect joint.


Dec 7, 2012 ... We love our road sign theft like we love our Seth MacFarlane ... 11 of the most stolen street, city, town and highway signs in the U.S. Don't steal.


Traffic Sign Vandalism: A Significant Municipal Liability Exposure Page 1 ... Sign theft has been estimated to account for more than one third of all sign ...


Apr 19, 2017 ... Around the world, road signs are being stolen but some get taken more ... Across the world, people are stealing street signs and this is why.


Jun 15, 2015 ... Main Roads in WA's Pilbara region attempts to make road signs less appealing to deter people from stealing them.