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ASIMO (2000) at the Expo 2005, a bipedal humanoid robot. ... as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing is robotics.

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robotics science and technology of general purpose, programmable machine systems. Contrary to the popular fiction image of robots as ambulatory...

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Robot comes from the Czech word “robota” which means “forced work or labor. .... Artificial intelligence has given robots more ability to process information and ...

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Introduction To Robots. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a robot? For many people it is a machine that imitates a human—like the ...

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Microphones detect sounds. Pressure sensors give the robot a sense of touch, to judge how hard to grip an egg. Built-in computers send and receive information ...

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Most say "HURRY MY REPORT IS DUE TOMORROW!!!". So, use this information to give your assignment a jump start and spread the excitement about robots!

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A robot is a machine designed to execute one or more tasks repeatedly, with speed and precision. There are as many different types of robots as there are tasks ...

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What does the word 'robotics' mean? - The science or study of the technology associated with the design, fabrication, theory, and application of robots.

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Capek used the word Robot in his play “R.U.R.” (“Rossum's Universal Robots”) which opened in Prague in January, 1921, a play in which automata are ...

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Check out the exciting world of robots for kids with our range of fun games, interesting facts, awesome projects, cool quizzes, amazing videos and more!

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Q: How do robots gather information?
A: Robots can gather info by... Robots can gather information by storing what it learns into its memory. Read More »
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Q: What are the advantages of robotics to information technology.
A: Newly manufactured Robots have no Programs and they need an I.T. experts for them to be programmed and use properly. . . and this kind of work is intended for I... Read More »
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Q: I want to ask for robotics' information?
A: Hi, i am a singapore student and i took robotics as a cca. To me i learnt quite a lot of stuff in robotics. Not only engineering part but also some soft skills.... Read More »
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Q: Where can I get information about robotic businesses?
A: from The Robot Report (. www.TheRobotReport.com.) and it's blog Everything-Robotic (. www.Everything-Robotic.c. om.). Written 15 Nov 2010. Read More »
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Q: Where can one find more information on robotic assisted surgery.
A: One can find information on robotic assisted surgery on various websites like BartowRegional and StanfordHospital. One could also visit a local hospital and ask... Read More »
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