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NASA robots are robotic devices used to aid, augment, or substitute for astronauts in order to ... In the future legs will be added, and work is being completed to prepare ... The feet of the robot ...

What Is Robotics? | NASA


SPHERES are being used on the space station to test how well they can move ... Having humans and robots work together makes it easier to study other worlds.

NASA Robotics - FAQ


In robotics, there's a lot of teamwork. No one person does all the work to make a robot operate. It's always interesting to me to see all the different skills required ...

NASA Robotics - Students : Work


Former MIT students started Yobotics using what they learned in school and in the lab to work on robots that walk and on medical robotics. They are working ...

How NASA's Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity Work (Infographic)


Jan 24, 2014 ... For ten years the robots have roved across Mars, making exciting discoveries about ... How NASA's Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity Work (Infographic) ... They launched in 2003 and both arrived at Mars in January 2004.

NASA Wants Help Training Valkyrie Robots to Go to Mars - IEEE ...


Jun 24, 2015 ... NASA is giving out Valkyrie robots to universities for space training. ... will stick around to work alongside the human Marstronauts, taking care of ... robots ( wherever they end up) to prepare for the physical challenge one year ...

NASA needs robotic upgrades for work on Mars | Computerworld


Nov 20, 2015 ... After not faring well in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, NASA is ... and robotics scientists said there is still work to be done, but they have made ...

How the Mars Exploration Rovers Work | HowStuffWorks


How the Mars Exploration Rovers Work ... Image courtesy NASA ... can blast a man to the moon for a round of golf, why do we have to send robots to Mars? ... Video: NASA Rover Captures Blue Sunset on Mars ... How do they deice airplanes?

R2 the Space Robot Does Detroit - Universe TodayUniverse Today


NASA and General Motors have come together to develop the next ... and this next generation robot can use its hands to do work beyond the scope of prior ...

NASA's R5 robots are off to school -- GCN


Nov 20, 2015 ... NASA has plans for robots to take long-distance trips to different planets and ... them to school for some advanced research and development work. ... will each receive one of NASA's R5 robots so they can research ways to ...

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What Is Robotics? | NASA


Unlike the robotic arm on the space station, these robots are autonomous. That means they can work by themselves. They follow the commands people send.

Robonaut: Home - Nasa


A Robonaut is a dexterous humanoid robot built and designed at NASA ... Our challenge is to build machines that can help humans work and explore in space. ... designs is the ability to use the same workspace and tools - not only does this ...

robots in space - ER - NASA


Mar 25, 2011 ... Robots are especially desirable for certain work functions because, unlike humans, they never get tired; they can endure physical conditions ...