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NASA[National Aeronautics and Space Administration] robots are robotic devices used to aid, ... In the future legs will be added, and work is being completed to prepare ... The feet of the robot are...

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SPHERES are being used on the space station to test how well they can move ... Having humans and robots work together makes it easier to study other worlds.

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Unlike the robotic arm on the space station, these robots are autonomous. That means they can work by themselves. They follow the commands people send.

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In robotics, there's a lot of teamwork. No one person does all the work to make a robot operate. It's always interesting to me to see all the different skills required ...

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12.02.09 - Robotics engineer Les Quiocho leads the development of ... the Spirit and Opportunity rovers the commands they need to explore the surface of Mars.

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Robot Image Gallery NASA's Urban Robot, Urbie, features software-controlled cameras and sensors that allow it to operate autonomously in many types of ...

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How Robots Work ... A robotic hand, developed by NASA, is made up of metal segments moved by ... Most robots either have a battery or they plug into the wall.

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How the Mars Exploration Rovers Work ... Image courtesy NASA ... blast a man to the moon for a round of golf, why do we have to send robots to Mars? ... on the Mars Exploration Rovers, while also looking at how they communicate with Earth.

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According to NASA, a robot functions by emulating physical characteristics of ... Although the designs of robots vary, one thing they all have in common is a ...

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Jan 24, 2014 ... For ten years the robots have roved across Mars, making exciting discoveries about ... How NASA's Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity Work (Infographic) ... They launched in 2003 and both arrived at Mars in January 2004.