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History of the Royal Air Force


For example, by the end of the war, Royal Canadian Air Force personnel had contributed more than 30 squadrons to ...

RAF - World War II


Australia and New Zealand also declare war on Germany. A Bristol Blenheim of No. 139 Sqn, Wyton, carries out the RAF's first operational sortie of the war ...

The Royal Air Force (RAF) | British air force | Britannica.com


British newsreel on the bravery of the Royal Air Force during the Battle of ... At the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, the first-line strength of the RAF in ...

Royal Air Force combat reports 1939-1945 - The National Archives


What are these records? These records are Royal Air Force combat reports written during the Second World War. They are the official reports which pilots or.

Bobhistory - Role of the RAF (Royal Air Force) during WW2

bobhistory.wikispaces.com/Role of the RAF (Royal Air Force) during WW2

Development and early years of the Bomber force 1936-1940. In the final years of the first world war, aerial bombing had become a common tactic and was ...

British Royal Air Force is founded - Apr 01, 1918 - HISTORY.com


On April 1, 1918, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) is formed as an amalgamation of the Royal Flying Corps ... English Channel Yields Rare World War II Find.

The Polish Air Force in World War 2 | Exhibitions ... - RAF Museum


In this online exhibtion we tell the stories of those Polish Pilots who escaped occupied Poland to join the RAF during World War 2.

Royal Air Force (RAF) service records - Imperial War Museum


Royal Flying Corps (RFC)/Royal Air Force (RAF) service records ... RAF airmens' service records (AIR 79) on Lives Of The First World War and Find My Past (£) ... Air Forces are included in the Roll in AIR 2/219 - at The National Archives.

British Royal Air Force, Airmen's service records 1912-1939 ...


British Royal Air Force, Airmen's Service Records 1912-1939 ... Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service, as a response to the events of the First World War.

Second World War RAF ancestors | Who Do You Think You Are ...


If, like Minnie Driver, you have RAF kin who served during the Second World War , ... deceased grandfather was a navigator in the RAF on the bombers in WW2.

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The RAF fought in every major theatre of the Second World War. Its most famous campaign was the Battle of Britain, when between July and September 1940, ...

Royal Air Force personnel - The National Archives


2. Essential information. The Royal Air Force was formed on 1 April 1918 when ... War but service records for the Second World War are still with the RAF (see ...

National Churchill Museum | Royal Air Force in World War II


Read the story of the Royal Air Force & First Lieutenant John F. Lutz in World War II, provided by the National Churchill Museum.