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52 quotes have been tagged as samurai: Watsuki Nobuhiro: 'You can always die. It's living that takes real courage. - Himura Kenshin', Laini Taylor: 'Be ...


See more about Samurai warrior, Martial arts quotes and Miyamoto musashi. ... He's saying if you are not 100% sure of what you're about to say then stop talking  ...


Aug 26, 2015 ... Over 300 years ago, Yamamoto Tsunetomo dictated the samurai ... This saying is not merely a parable, but a way to prepare for your fate.”.


Feb 18, 2013 ... Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai is a classic 300 year old book .... This saying is not merely a parable, but a way to prepare for your fate.


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Samurai Ultimate Warrior Quotes. MARTIAL QUOTES. SAMURAI WARRIOR QUOTES .... "Be master OF mind rather than mastered BY mind" - Zen Saying ...


Feb 9, 2008 ... "Samurai are supposed to be strong, quiet types, right? So they sit there with their arms folded, saying nothing. After about an hour, they'll come ...


Mar 21, 2015 ... A Samurai therefore should neither be pompous nor arrogant."- Tsukahara ... "Be master OF mind rather than mastered BY mind"- Zen Saying.


Our website will help you discover some Japanese Sayings, Proverbs and Wisdom Words that will ... A samurai, even when he has not eaten, uses his toothpick.