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Seaweed Salad
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Total Time: 25 minutes   
Directions: Combine vinegar and oil to marinate seaweed. More»
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Seaweed has amazing properties! Sea vegetables are virtually fat-free, low calorie and are one of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom.


This seaweed salad recipe is a healthy Japanese dish. It is sustainable and loaded with nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals like iron and magnesium.


Try a different sort of green leaf salad with our seaweed salad recipe. Not only is seaweed delicious and wondrously simple to prepare, it's also packed full of ...


The picture does not look at all like the recipe. It DOES look like the seaweed salad typically served in the sushi restaurant I go to. It can be bought totally made , ...


Seaweed comes in many forms, and is used extensively in Japanese cuisine Most of us are familiar with the pressed sheets of nori that are wrapped around ...


The easiest way to produce this is to buy a small package of mixed seaweeds and proceed from there But once you get more familiar with seaweed, you can use ...


This sesame seaweed salad recipe is healthy and easy to make!


This recipe is an accompaniment for Grilled Clams on the Half Shell with .... I love seaweed salad and this recipe was so easy and right on the money with the ...


Wakame, a dark green, leafy seaweed is the most common type used for this salad. Mild-tasting arame and hijiki are also good choices. They can be bought at  ...