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Glossary of nautical terms


Above-water hull: The hull section of a vessel above the waterline, the visible part of a ship. ... staff, or officer whose flag is flying (division, squadron, or flotilla commander). ... On larger ...

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The curator told me the rudder had been fished up from six fathoms of water at Pitcairn .... I introduced myself to Fred Christian, at whose home I was to live. ... “ O-a, we always eat meat on Peet-kern; church don't forbid it,” he said. ... They may not have received mail for weeks, if bad weather has forced ships to bypass them.

Mutiny on the Majestic Blue — Matter — Medium


5 days ago ... Don't you want to know anything about me? ... He wanted to look at them, touch them, trace the pipes and figure out what ... The U.S. distant water tuna fleet quickly increased from 11 ships to 40. ... Like the Majestic Blue, all of the distant water tuna boats are purse seiners, whose nets entrap an excessive .....

A tale of sailing across the Indian Ocean from Bali to Mauritius


I don't know the proper name for this sail/s, but it was not a spinnaker. ... There is deep water all around Xmas Island and there is no sheltered anchorage. .... I felt relieved that it hadn't been a yacht whose cooker had exploded. ... although how we would have sailed this yacht with a broken rudder to Mauritius, I don't ...

Sailing Vessel (SV) JOANA and her Crew - 2014 Ships Log


This is the ships log for 2014. ... I tied myself to the boat and dropped in the water, holding onto the swim platform. With my flashlight, I could see looking forward ...

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Thordon COMPAC is a high performance water lubricated bearing system primarily for. “blue water .... Thordon guarantees SXL rudder bearings will meet. Classification ..... Don't worry about fouling & corrosion. Impressed ... Anode PS. Touch Display Screen ... ships whose keels are laid on or after this date. Vessels of 400 ...

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Aug 24, 2009 ... Don't worry about the sun dying! ..... There was just a bit of water on the bottom, and when he checked the rudder and sail and boom everything seemed to be in working order. .... or passing ships would know who commanded this vessel: “ MAX,” it said. .... “Don't touch that one.” ... “Then whose fault was it?”.

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May 23, 2015 ... Back to the boats for more ships biscuits and cheese. ... and we had the most memorable trip to Orkney, I don't suppose it will ever be that good again. ... I read some chapters by Ian Nicholson, whose chapter on rudders puts .... to be touch and go to get into the Caledonian Canal before the tide got too low ....

Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal: Turning Point in the Pacific War


Jun 12, 2006 ... Both the Americans and the Japanese were short of ships. .... Zero fighters, whose guns were too light to penetrate the American planes' tough hides. ... English, blaring, 'There go two big ones, but I don't know who they are. .... Washington's rudder change put the burning destroyers between her and the...

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"Right full rudder. ... The lower part of the ship were waste water and seepage collect. .... Naval ships underway fly the national ensign continuously therefore do not .... or admiral of a command whose presence is noted by a flag displaying the .... a red and white stripe flag with a rattlesnake and the words "Don't trea...

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Ships whose rudders don't touch water - Rex Parker Does the NYT ...


Jul 16, 2009 ... Ships whose rudders don't touch water — THURSDAY, Jul. 16 2009— Destination of Saul / Container for folding scissors / Singer of Wagner ...

The New York Times Crossword in Gothic: 07.16.09 -- It Adds Up...


Jul 16, 2009 ... Neither high nor low) and DIRIGIBLES (14A. Ships whose rudders don't touch water) are the other two ten-letter entries. Two nine-letter entries ...

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Jul 15, 2009 ... I don't recall learning that those two number pairs were anagrams of each ... [ Ships whose rudders don't touch water] are the airships called ...

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0 INSIDE FRONT: SHADES OF THE PAST-In the days of sailing ships seaman- ship often ... boat is an uncommissioned water- borne unit of the Fleet, ... boats whose purposes are indicated .... the rudder and make a pivot upon which the .... don't always appear to be used when ..... Therefore, we suggest you get in touch.

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ALAN ALDA So the flow of the boat through the water would be assured by the way ... ALAN ALDA (Narration) Viking ships have their rudder at the side, where they ... And this young man, whose name is Hreinn Stefansson, is one of the many .... And I don't think there are any islands in the world that remain for any length of ...