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Ivory (soap)


The Ivory soap bar (classic) contained: sodium tallowate, ... New varieties of Ivory soap contain altered ingredients, such as in ...

Soap Ingredients - Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild


Handcrafted soaps made from scratch require three things to become soap: oil, water and lye. They may have other ingredients to provide additional benefits, ...

Soapmaking Ingredients - Small Notebook


There are tons of recipes available for soapmaking, using a wide variety of ingredients. This is my recipe to make an all-vegetable soap using a few common oils ...

Ingredients | Organic Soap and Soap Making Supplies - Botanie Soap


Botanie Soap is certified organic and uses 85% organic ingredients in our bar soap. Some organic ingredients include coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, ...

How To Make Soap - Homemade Natural Bar Soap Instructions


I remembered my great grandmother from Sweden had made soap, and so had my mother when I was much younger. I gathered my ingredients and set forth to ...

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Feb 21, 2013 ... You can make pure, natural soap at home with only 3 ingredients. Find out more here: ...

Ingredients | Dr. Bronner`s


Fair Trade & Organic Coconut Oil reacts with Potassium Hydroxide (for our liquid soaps) or Sodium Hydroxide (for our bar soaps) to create soap. Because it is ...

Natural Soapmaking for Beginners - Ingredients - Lovely Greens


Sep 20, 2013 ... At the heart of all soap recipes are two main ingredients: oil and lye, also known by its chemical name Sodium Hydroxide. Your soap making ...

Zest® Ingredients | Zest®


Learn more about the ingredients in Zest® soap. Each of our Zest® bar soaps and body washes are carefully crafted to help nurture your skin.

Dove Ingredients Explained | Alabu Skin Care


We get a lot of questions about the Dove ingredients in Dove soap. On this page you will find all of the ingredients contained in Dove's Sensitive Skin Unscented ...

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Ingredients -- Soap - Sci-Toys.com


Ingredients --. Soap. We like to be clean. Clean feels good. It smells good. Clean means fewer microbes are around to hurt us. Clean clothes feel good.

Soap Making Ingredients - Complete Profiles - Soap Making Resource


Learn all about soap making ingredients including where to buy them and how they can be used in the soap making process. Includes complete natural skin ...

Bar Soap Ingredient List - Napa Soap


Bar Soap Ingredient List. Coconut Oil: Derived from the coconut fruit, it is used as an emollient to smooth and lubricate the skin. Rich in saponins, it is excellent ...