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For each of the definitions below, suggest a palindrome. Midday; Title for a lady; Tier; Sound a chick makes; Part of the human body; Something that fails to work ...

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A palindrome is a sentence, phrase, name, word or number series where the letters or numbers are in the same sequence when read forward or backwards.

What word should I use for something that fails intermittently ...


Jul 15, 2011 ... When something works, but it is unreliable and intermittently goes ... In my work we tend to use the word "flakey", but there must be a better one.

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Fail definition, to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, ... ( intransitive) to stop operating or working properly: the steering failed suddenly.

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Nov 7, 2011 ... ... ____peep___________. 4. An organ of the body used for sight = ___ eye________. 5. Something that fails to work = ___dud__________ ...

not effective or useful and not working correctly - synonyms and ...


Comprehensive list of synonyms for not effective or useful and not working ... something that is ineffective does not work correctly or does not do what you want it ...

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Synonyms for fail at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and ... verb. stop or cancel something. arrest · break off · call ...

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The verb fail describes something that stops working, like brakes in a car that fail, or is found to be unacceptable, like restaurants that fail their inspection for ...

compose 1.5.0rc1 fails to work on something that works with 1.4.2 ...


Oct 27, 2015 ... compose 1.5.0rc1 fails to work on something that works with 1.4.2 #2269 ... perhaps something like WARNING: The AWS_S3_BUCKET is not ...

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fail. (feɪl). vb. 1. to be unsuccessful in an attempt (at something or to do something). 2. (intr) to stop operating or working properly: the steering failed suddenly. 3.