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The doubloon was a two-escudo or 32-real gold coin; weighing 6.867 grams ( 0.218 troy ounces) in 1537, and 6.766 grams from 1728, of .92 fine gold (22-carat gold). Doubloons were minted in Spain, Mex...

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Spanish Doubloon 2 Dos Escudos NGC Gold cob Philip III Spain Seville ... 1786/ 5 Over-Date Charles III Spanish Gold 1/2 Escudos Doubloon! sku #BG7.

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Jan 8, 2014 ... The gold doubloon was struck in 1787 and was the fledgling country's first ... as filming on series seven of Game of Thrones continues in Spain.

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Originally, the doubloon is a Spanish gold coin made in Spain, Mexico, and Nueva Grenada from the sixteenth until the middle of the nineteenth century.

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Gold doubloons are rare today but they were a popular piece of bullion in the days of the Spanish conquest in the 1500s and 1600s. They were primarily minted ...

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May 4, 2004 ... As with Spanish silver, Spanish gold coinage was sought ... The basic gold coin was the eight escudo piece, often called a doubloon. In 1537 ...

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8 Escudos (Doubloon) doubloon. Pieces of Eight and Doubloons -- Reales and Escudos. During the Golden Age of Piracy, Spain minted coins in silver and gold.

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8 escudos Spanish and Spanish colonial gold coins, commonly referred to as gold doubloons.

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Spanish gold eccudos coins such as the 8 escudos, or gold doubloon, minted in Spain and the New World Spanish colonial mints located in Mexico City, Lima, ...

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Gold cobs from the 1715 Fleet. Gold cobs and doubloons from Mexico, Lima and Colombia. Dated 1715 Mexico gold 8 escudos. Bogota 2 escudos. Certified ...

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While most genuine Spanish doubloons are museum pieces, each one was minted as a 7-gram piece of gold, which at today's rates would sell for about $289 .

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he Spanish Doubloon was a seven-gram (.225 Troy-ounce) gold coin minted in Spain, Mexico, and the Spanish settlement of Nueva Grenada (present-day ...