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Cinnabar is generally found in a massive, granular or earthy ... of cinnabar is 2.0– 2.5 on the Mohs scale, and its specific gravity 8.1.

Cinnabar: A toxic ore of mercury, once used as a pigment


Physical Properties of Cinnabar. Chemical Classification, Sulfide. Color, Bright red to brownish red, sometimes gray. Streak, Red. Luster, Adamantine to dull.

CINNABAR (Mercury Sulfide) - Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery


Cinnabar is a colorful mineral that adds a unique color to the mineral color palette. ... Other Characteristics: silghtly sectile and crystals can be striated. Notable ...

Cinnabar Mineral Data


Comments: Red single hexagonal (Trigonal) crystal of cinnabar on dolomite. Location: Fenghuang ... Physical Properties of Cinnabar. Help on Cleavage: ...

Cinnabar rare mineral specimens - Minerals-N-More


PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Composition: HgS, Mercury Sulfide Class: Sulfides and Sulfosalts Crystal system: Trigonal Trapezohedral Fracture: is uneven to ...

Cinnabar: Cinnabar mineral information and data.


Trimorphous with metacinnabar and hypercinnabar. Visit gemdat.org for gemological information about Cinnabar. ... Physical Properties of Cinnabar. Lustre:.

Cinnabar, Use The Merchants Stone To Aid Wealth Creation


Cinnabar has strong metaphysical properties, and it is known as a stone for ... between the spiritual world and the physical world makes this a potent stone.

Mercury in traditional medicines: Is cinnabar toxicologically similar to ...


Apr 29, 2008 ... All mercurial compounds have characteristic toxicokinetics and quite ... Cinnabar ores are the major source for metallic mercury production.

Cinnabar - Crystals, Rocks And Gems


The twinning in cinnabar is distinctive and forms a penetration twin that is ridged with .... Cinnabar is famous for its protective properties, and of course red is the ...

Red Cinnabar - GemSelect


Feb 4, 2010 ... Cinnabar, a mercury sulphide that is usually a vivid red, has some unique gemological properties.

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