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Let x be a point in U and r > 0 be such that the closed ball B(x, r) of center x and radius r is contained in U. The spherical mean over the ...

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Spherical definition, having the form of a sphere; globular. See more.

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1 : having the form of a sphere or of one of its segments. 2 : relating to or dealing with a sphere or its properties. spherically play \-k(ə-)lē\ adverb. See spherical ...

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spher·i·cal also spher·ic (-ĭk). adj. 1. a. Having the shape of a sphere; globular. b. Having a shape approximating that of a sphere. 2. Of or relating to a sphere. 3.

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A ball is spherical; it's shaped like a sphere — a three-dimensional version of the ... It basically is a description of shape: if it's spherical, it simply looks like a ball.

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Shaped like a sphere:. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.

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3 days ago ... spherical meaning, definition, what is spherical: round, like a ball: . Learn more.

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Definition of “spherical” | The official Collins English Dictionary online. Comprehensive and authoritative, rely on Collins for up-to-date English with insights into ...

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Definition of spherical in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. Meaning of spherical. ... Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word spherical.

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shaped like a sphere; globular; of a sphere or spheres; of the celestial spheres: sometimes with astrological reference. Origin of spherical. ; from Late Latin ...

[sfer-i-kuhl, sfeer-]
having the form of a sphere; globular.
formed in or on a sphere, as a figure.
of or relating to a sphere or spheres.
pertaining to the heavenly bodies, or to their supposed revolving spheres or shells.
pertaining to the heavenly bodies regarded astrologically as exerting influence on humankind and events.
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